Wii Channel WADS and File Archives


Tool Ver DL
Twilight Hack 0.1beta1 [Download]
Twilight Hack 0.1alpha3b [Download]
Front SD ELF Loader 0.4 [Download]
Wii Homebrew Launcher 0.8 [Download]
MAG Loader 0.2 [Download]
Wii Gamecube Homebrew Launcher 0.2 [Download]
Sendelf 0.4 [Download]
Homebrew Browser 0.2.3 [Download]
FCE Ultra Frontload [Download]
FCE Ultra Frontload v2 [Download]
FCE Ultra lltcggie front ver.3 [Download]
FCE Ultra Rev22 Test3 Wiimote Edition Alpha [Download]
FCE Ultra GX 2.0.2 [Download]
FCE Ultra Rev23 Test2 Wiimote Edition Alpha [Download]
Snes9X 0.15 001 [Download]
Snes9X lltcggie 0.1.0 front ver.6 [Download]
Snes9X lltcggie 0.1.1 custom ver1 [Download]
Snes9X Wiimote Support [Download]
Snes9X 3.1 LoPsT [Download]
Snes9X GX 005 [Download]
Wii64 r3xx [Download]
RIN wiimote candidate 9 [Download]
RIN remake beta 3 [Download]
VBA Wii beta [Download]
VBA Wii 1.7.2 Wii [Download]
VBA GX 1.0.1 [Download]
Genesis Plus 080826 [Download]
Genesis Plus 1.0 LoPsT [Download]
SMSPlus 080826 [Download]
Hu-Go! 080826 [Download]
Gnuboy GX 1.4 080917 [Download]
Yabause [Download]
NEOPOP 20080620 [Download]
Wiiengine 1.4 [Download]
AtaWii b1 [Download]
ScummVM Wiimote Edition [Download]
SDLMame 0.125 [Download]
Homebrew Channel beta 8 [Download]
MAG Loader Channel with BANNER [Download]
MAG Loader Channel by Broly7 [Download]
SNES Channel Wiimote Classic Support v2 [Download]
Snes9X Channel Paradox 0.1.1 [Download]
Snes9X Channel 3.1 LoPsT DRaGMaRe [Download]
Snes9X Channel lltcggie 0.1.1 custom ver1 [Download]
NES Channel [Download]
FCEU Channel lltcggie front ver.3 [Download]
FCEU Channel Paradox [Download]
RIN Channel [Download]
RIN Channel wiimote candidate 9 wad [Download]
RIN Channel Paradox [Download]
Genesis Plus Channel Paradox [Download]
HUGO Channel Paradox [Download]
ScummVM Channel Test 2 [Download]
ScummVM Channel 0.12.0svn Paradox [Download]
WAD-Installer Channel 2.1 Paradox [Download]
WAD-Uninstaller Channel 1.1 Paradox [Download]
MP3 Player [Download]
MiniMP3 Player [Download]
Wii MFE Port test v1 [Download]
GeeXbox Wii 0.1 alpha2 [Download]
MPlayerWii 0.05 [Download]
MPlayer dvdlib edition r27458 [Download]
MPlayer Wii Youtube 0.01 [Download]
DragonMedia Player 0.16 Alpha [Download]
WAD Installer 2.1 [Download]
WAD Installer wad2.1 [Download]
WAD Uninstaller 1.1 [Download]
Title Uninstaller 0.1 [Download]
WAD Uninstaller wad1.1 [Download]
WAD Manager 1.21 [Download]
WAD Manager wad1.1 [Download]
AnyTitle Deleter 1.0 [Download]
WAD Packer 0.0007 [Download]
WaadMaker 1.1 [Download]
trent_fox’s wad packer [Download]
WadID tool 4 [Download]
Virtual Console Extractor [Download]
Wad De/Encrypter 1.0 Beta [Download]
BFGR WadTools 0.39a [Download]
Injectuwad 2.3 [Download]
AUTO Injectuwad Injector 3 [Download]
BannerTool 1.0.1 [Download]
Wiizle Diizle Shizzle 1.3 beta [Download]
`romc’ VC Compressor [Download]
Free the wads [Download]
u8tool 5 [Download]
BNS2WAV [Download]
TPL viewer by Broly7 [Download]
Converter TPL by Broly7 [Download]
Image to tpl converter 0.2 0.2 by Gally [Download]
Custom IOS37 Installer rev 03 [Download]
Custom IOS36 Installer rev 04 [Download]
Custom IOS Uninstaller v1.1 [Download]
cIOS Clone Installer v2 [Download]
Custom IOS Downgrader v1.2 [Download]
Wii DVD Dumper (Custom IOS) v1.2 [Download]
Wii disc dumper v1.3 unofficial [Download]
Wiihttpd 1.2 [Download]
Wii Region Changer 1.0 [Download]
AnyRegion Changer 1.1 [Download]
IOS Version [Download]
IOS Version Patcher 1.1 [Download]
libdi and the DVDX installer [Download]
RVL-mios-v5.wad [Download]
IOS11-64-v10.wad [Download]
IOS12-64-v6.wad [Download]
IOS13-64-v10.wad [Download]
IOS14-64-v257.wad [Download]
IOS15-64-v257.wad [Download]
IOS17-64-v512.wad [Download]
IOS20-64-v12.wad [Download]
IOS21-64-v514.wad [Download]
IOS22-64-v772.wad [Download]
IOS28-64-v1288.wad [Download]
IOS30-64-v1040.wad [Download]
IOS31-64-v1040.wad [Download]
IOS33-64-v1040.wad [Download]
IOS34-64-v1039.wad [Download]
IOS35-64-v1040.wad [Download]
IOS36-64-v1042.wad [Download]
IOS37-64-v2070.wad [Download]
File dumper
Wii disc dumper 1.0 [Download]
Wii NAND Dumper 1 [Download]
Wii FileSystem Dumper 1 [Download]
Wii Update File Extractor 1 [Download]
Savegame Extractor 2.0 [Download]
Savegame Extractor Deluxe SSBB Edition [Download]
Savegame Installer 2.0 [Download]
Mii Extractor 1.1 [Download]
Mii Installer 1.1 [Download]
Title Lister [Download]
Gamecube Saver 1.0 [Download]
NuGasa 0.1 [Download]
fs browser [Download]
ftpii 0.0.14 [Download]
Wii Web Server alpha v0.81 [Download]
WiiMPC 0.1 [Download]
GeckoOS 1.07a [Download]
GeckoOS 106F.01 [Download]
GC Freeloader [Download]
USB-Boot 2 [Download]
SD-Boot 0.4 beta7 [Download]
GCBooter 1.0 [Download]
Gecko Region Free 1.3 [Download]
Wii Loader GUI [Download]
Wii PoC Linux 0.4 [Download]
xyzzy 1.0 [Download]
Wii Config 1.0 [Download]
SD Explorer 0.8 [Download]
Homebrew Channel Manager beta [Download]
Homebrew Channel Meta.xml Editor 1 [Download]
Ocarina 1.0 [Download]
Ocarina Code Manager Japanese language file [Download]
WiiMU 0.1a3 [Download]
Menuloader 0.5 [Download]
HackInstaller 0.2 [Download]
DepanBrew b6 [Download]
txt-read 1.1 [Download]
WiiEarth 1.0 [Download]
YaWnD 0.3 [Download]
Starfall 0.5 [Download]
Channel Loader v1.0 [Download]
Channel File Manager [Download]
menu loader 0.3 [Download]
Wii Backup Loader beta leaked [Download]
bc-gui [Download]
WiiFrii 2.3b [Download]
Backup Launcher 0.1 [Download]


Here are al my channels! If I make a new one, you will find it here!

If you already have an older version of one of these channels, than you’ll have to install only the new one! The old one will be updated! No deinstall of the old versions required!

GeckoOS by Nuke

Current Version: 1.07a with Rebooter
Since: 20.09.2008


Gecko OS 1.07a

Whats New:


1. Added a new No Copy Flag code patch, now removes all types of save game to SD copy protection, so now works with games such as GH3 and Virtual console game saves with save states etc. (Patch by Kenobi & Brkirch)
2. Can move DVD channel! (Patch by Pizzaboy)

new in 1.07

3. USB Gecko Rebooter with Master hook!
7. Universal System Menu rebooter options!

What is Rebooter?

This is pure USB Gecko awesomeness, What this does is reboots the console but with a ‘Master Hook’ enabled. Which means you can use WiiRD just about anywhere, including the system menu itself for remote debugging, downloading, testing patches or in any games.

If you are a cheat code hacker, master hook will stay alive when your game is loaded so you can remote debug any game that wasn’t possible with GeckoOS normal loader. We have even created a silent loader which will also boot all Multi DOL games like Red Steal and house of the dead 2/3 which was not possible before!.

Exta Rebooter Options: (Can be used even if no USB Gecko)

1. Boot into Recovery Diagnostics mode (Boots Nintendo Diagnostic DVD’s)
2. Boot all Import Games (Wii & Gamecube) (no modchip required!) As an added bonus our patch detects the game inserted and will patch the correct TV mode. All DVD update checks will be removed when this is selected.
3. Skip Button check – Just skips the A button check.
4. No Copy flag. With this enabled, you can now copy your protected Wii save games (SSBB etc) to SD card in the system menu as you would any other save!

As an added bonus for None USB Gecko users i’ve added ocarina to work with rebooter. Just make sure its enabled in the ‘config’ menu like before

Rebooter uses progressive scan patching so will work on all regions and versions System Menu 3.2 and 3.3

Some Gargon:

All patches, multi dol loader, rebooter and game detection / TV Mode stub is all original code written by myself (Nuke) and kenobi in pure PPC asm, the USB Gecko master hook is the same USB Gecko server used in GeckoOS, so WiiRD, Cheats etc work with rebooter without modifications.

No IOS or other NAND hacks are used in the program

For developers – Our detection code and stub is locatated at 81700000 with the server at 80001800 which will be activated when a Game is inserted and Game ID read, TV Mode is switched in this code also. The Multi DOl loader is at 80001000 and this patches the menu to keep Hooks alive when Game Dol’s are reloaded, i.e main.dol is overwritten by redsteel.dol etc.

The system menu is located in memory at 0x81330000, you can dump this in WiiRD.

One final note, I noticed sometimes the patches are not fully wiped from memory even when hard reset, if this happens just eject the game and power off for a few minutes.

As usual for support visit http://www.usbgecko.com/forums


Rebooter doesn’t patch anything in the NAND, and is tested very safe. However as you have full control with USB Gecko over the system menu and have full root privileges, please only upload and poke around with the system menu if you know what you are doing. We are not responsible if you cause your console to brick.

Some Greets:

Big greets to – kenobi, Link, XT5, Y.S, Foxx, James0x57, SMK, Bushing, Dhewg, Marcan, Segher, svpe, tmbic, Costis.

1. Added a new No Copy Flag code patch, now removes all types of save game to SD copy protection, so now works with games such as GH3 and Virtual console game saves with save states etc. (Patch by Kenobi & Brkirch)
2. Can move DVD channel! (Patch by Pizzaboy)

1.07 with Rebooter
1. USB Gecko Rebooter with Master hook!
2. Universal System Menu rebooter options!


1. Fixed ocarina, there was a bug in 1.06F handler making alot of codes crash the game.
2. Can now hack Metroid Prime 3 without crashing. Please Pause before dumping using the ‘home button’.
3. General Code clean up and some minor bug fixes in the code


1. Gamecube Games / Imports now supported (thanks bushing!)
2. Date and Time issue fixed in games like Wii Sports, Brawl.
3. Glitching games fixed, i.e Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, Metroid Prime 3 etc.
4. Sound fixed in Twilight Princess when using Gecko OS, WiiRD
5. SD Card bug fixed. Now you can still access the SD Card when using ocarina.
6. Disabled Wiimote when going in GC mode to avoid battery drainage.


1. Ocarina (thanks Link)
2. Some Extra hook types.
3. Turn Off and On Ocarina.

V1.06d colorfix
nuke compiled a colorfix version which should work with some games as it is still unofficial
i already got SMG pal working in color on my jap wii

Added support for all Euro PAL game regions like French (F), German(D), X, Y regions. These regions now play correctly and in color.


GnuboyGX by EkeEke

Current Version: from 26.08.2008
Since: 05.09.2008


GnuboyGX is a port for the Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii (running in GC mode)
of the open-source Gnuboy emulator, originally coded by Laguna and Gilgamesh.
More infos about Gnuboy here: <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnuboy” target=”_blank”>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnuboy</a>

This port is based on the last 1.0.4 CVS source, released by Joshua_ from EFNet #gameboy
<a href=”http://www.netaxs.com/~gevaryah/gnuboy-1.0.4pre.tar.bz2″ target=”_blank”>http://www.netaxs.com/~gevaryah/gnuboy-1.0.4pre.tar.bz2</a>.

This has nothing to do with the previous GX port for GCLinux, this is a full standalone
port using LibOGC API (GX, Audio, Inputs…)
See changelog.txt for the whole history.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us on the official GnuboyGX thread:
<a href=”http://www.tehskeen.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4443″ target=”_blank”>http://www.tehskeen.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4443</a>

-=[ FEATURES ]=-

. Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulation with sound
. DVD & SDCARD support for rom loading
. Freeze State support (load & save)
. SRAM/RTC support (load & save)
. support for 8MB roms
. support for zipped (.zip) roms
. support for alternate Mono Gameboy palettes
. RTC synchro
. Load/Save SRAM and FreezeState files (compressed) from/to Memory Card & SDCARD
. SDLOAD or IPL reboot option
. Wiimote/Nunchuk/Classic controller support (Wii version only)
. Automatic SRAM/FreezeState
. Video mode supported: 480i,480p & 576i (automatic detection)

ROMS can be loaded from a SDCARD, either through a SD-adapter in MCARD slot (Gamecube version only), or through the
native Wii SD slot (WIi version only). ROMS must be copied on your SDCARD in the following directory: /gnuboy/roms

ROMS can also be loaded from a ISO9660 DVD (currently, ONLY the Gamecube version support DVD loading) and you obviously
need a modchip. The maximal readable size is 1.35GB on Gamecube and 4.7GB on Wii (in GC compatible mode).

IMPORTANT: When putting roms either on DVD or SDCARD, it is recommended to use subdirectories as there is
a limit of 1000 files per directory.

.fixed Classic Controller buttons default map
.added automatic alphabetical file sorting (Marty Disibio)
.added ROM History for faster ROM access (Marty Disibio)
.added DVD support in Wii Mode (no modchip required)

. added Wii mode support
. added wiimote/nunchuk/classic controller support (WII version)
. added libfat support
. added automatic SRAM & FreezeState option
. added 50hz (576i) TV mode support (autodetected)
. added Progressive (480p) TV mode support (autodetected)
. added various display aspect ratio support (ORIGINAL, SCALED, STRECTH)

. improved sound rendering


. added RTC Synchro: in-game RTC (Real Time Clock) is now synchronized with system RTC on SRAM load
. added GBC/GBA palettes color for GB Mono [Askot]
. fixed some palettes [Askot]

. added user-transparent SRAM autoload (detection order is MCARD then SDCARD, SLOTA then SLOTB)
. added 4.7GB DVD support for WII drives (the maximal allowed size for Gamecube DVD is still 1.35GB)
. removed MPAL video timings, always use 60Hz NTSC: fix display problems for PAL wii users (no more PAL50 version needed)
. added Console Reboot option in main menu (System Reboot), also used for SDLoad reboot
. Freezestate & SRAM files are now compressed (using zlib)
. FreezeState & SRAM files can now be saved/loaded to/from SDCARD: located in /gnuboy/saves/ from the root of your SDCARD
. added user-transparent SRAM autoload (detection order is MCARD then SDCARD, SLOTA then SLOTB)
. changed initial ROMS directory for SDCARD user: now looking for /gnuboy/roms/ from the root of your SDCARD
. current emulator options can now be saved/loaded to/from SDCARD SlotA: the file is dev0:\\gnuboy\\gnuboyGX.cfg [Askot]
. added L+R combo to save SRAM in MCARD SLOTB during gameplay [Askot]
. added new font: now use original IPL font, extracted from Bootrom
. modified controls when going into the rom selection menu (DVD or SDCARD):
– use B button to go up one directory
– use Z button to quit the file selection menu
– use L/R triggers to go down/up one full page
– use Left/Right buttons or Analog stick to scroll the selected entry’s filename when it can’t be full displayed
. various menu rearrangment, minor bugfixes & sourcecode cleanup

. added a new option for display different palette colors in Mono GB Mode
(most of them taken from GoombaColor)(Askot)

. corrected a little bug with SRAM/STATE saving
. modified key config upon request: SELECT is now assignated to Y Button

17/04/2007: (eke-eke)
. added SRAM, RTC & STATE load/save support
. added GUI and configurable options menu
. corrected Sound Samples conversion (thanks to Softdev)
. changed Sound Buffering Technic(changed to “head/tail” technic used by Softdev in NeoCDredux)

13/04/2007: WIP1
. initial release by softdev


Guitar Fun by Hermes

Current Version: 3.0 Online
Since: 17.08.2008


copy the ‘guitarfun’ folder in the root of the SD memory

Add the folders with ‘Frets on fire’ songs in the ‘songs’ directory

Add the background and necks bitmaps in the ‘bitmaps’ directory (see the PDF document)

– i don’t know ^^

– Online modus is now available (read the README in the File!)

– Fixed some minor bugs, added some extra optimization. Source Code identity (for better readability [+ laughter])
– Added 2 new scenarios and new musicians (thanks to figu3 for his contribution), giving rise to 6 different combinations
– It has added a new feature to pause the thread of Modplayer in sndlib (next release), because it was there eating resources to implement a silence [laughter]
– Have been organized graphics allow the game to add graphics more easily. Now is charged as a 32-bit textures to preserve the original quality and the graphics arena have been grouped into files guitar_anim.spf and scenario.spf.
– We have changed some other things in the operation, as some adjustments in the front entrance.
– Full source code published. Added a new tool to convert binary files to. C

V 2.7B
– It corrects a small bug in the MIDI interprets and others small problems with the input devices. Also some improvements related to the multithread core.


Songs download
<a href=”http://fof.iioiooioo.com/” target=”_blank”>http://fof.iioiooioo.com/</a>

MPlayer by MPlayer Team

Current Version: 0.05
Since: 17.08.2008


This is a native port of MPlayer to the Nintendo Wii. It is currently in VERY EARLY stage.

-select file with up/down buttons on the wiimote.
-during playback, you can use left and right buttons on the wiimote to seek.
-home button to return to the menu or exit the application.

formats tested:

* Containers: AVI, WMV, MKV, MP3, FLV (Flash Video), MP4, M4V, QuickTime
* Video codecs: Xvid, DivX, Windows Media, MPEG 1/2, H264
* Audio codecs: MPEG 1/2/3, Windows Media, AAC

-v0.05 (08/15/08):
-added file folders support
-added fix for PAL widescreen users (set the correct setting in mplayerwii.conf)
-much faster USB reading speed (huge thanks to rodries)

v0.04 (07/31/08):
-mount/unmount the SD card and/or USB drive so you can swap them out without reloading MPlayerWii (thanks to rodries)
-added USB read-ahead cache (thanks to rodries)
-added preliminary samba network share support (thanks to scip)
-fixed startup crash when a usblan or usb keyboard is attached
-added network streaming cache
-added video scaling with the nunchuk (use joystick to move, Z button to stretch and C to reset)
-added configuration file (put in the SD root folder)
-new ascii logo by sensah

-v0.03 (07/14/08):
-happy french bastille day!
-added USB storage support (USB reading is dead slow unfortunately, only good for MP3 files)
-added volume controls (Up/Down buttons on the wiimote)
-added wiimote buttons repeat during playback
-added preliminary test network streaming (shoutcast and mms)
-longer filename display in the file selection screen
-fix for widescreen aspect ratio (uses the Wii display settings)
-more audio playback fixes

-v0.02 (07/09/08):
-added svenp’s libfat patches (better read speed on SD cards)
-added pause button (A button on the wiimote)
-disabled MPlayer’s error/status text during video playback
-file list now displays 20 files instead of 10
-improved audio playback code

-v0.01 (07/05/08):
-Initial release. Full of bugs, audio sync code is awful and will probably crash often.
Also, there’s room for lots of speed improvements.


QuakeGX by Eluan

Current Version: 0.03
Since: 25.08.2008


Copy Quake’s PAK0.PAK (and PAK1.PAK if you own the full version) into the ID1 folder on your SD Card.

General notes

* You can freely change button bindings on the Wiimote without affecting the GC pad bindings, except for the D-Pad on both controllers and Start/Plus. These are paired and changing one’s binding will change the other
* There is still no music support, but expect it for future releases. (Probably you will have to rip your original quake music from your CD.)
* There is a menu option for adjusting the size of the screen to adjust for your TV’s overscan.

Software rendering notes

* All of the original dosquake rendering features are supported.
* Unfortunately, the original palette is converted from RGB8 to RGB565. The best way to correct this is writing a full 24-bit software renderer, but don’t expect it soon.
* Framerate may be a bit choppy and there is still no support for going back to the old 320×200 resolution.
* Software rendering is only available through svn, if you are brave enough to correct the compile errors! smile.gif

Hardware rendering notes

* Full speed, fully implemented GX port of the original glquake, with some new features being added gradually.
* Supports all of the original glquake features: dynamic lightmaps, water transparency, and more.
* To make the water correctly transparent, you will need water-vised maps. Please do not use r_novis 1. It wasn’t meant to be this way, r_novis 1 disables all visibility testing and draws the entire map every frame.

Default controls

* Gamecube PAD
o Attack: R
o Jump: A
o Run/Walk: B
o Lock View: L
o Previous Weapon: D-Pad Left or Y
o Next Weapon: D-Pad Right or X
o Swim Up: D-Pad Up
o Swim Down: D-Pad Down
o Show Scores: Z
o Pause/Menu: Start/Pause
o Select (in menu): A
o Back (in menu): B
* Wiimote
o Attack: B
o Jump: A
o Run/Walk: C
o Lock View: Z
o Previous Weapon: D-Pad Left
o Next Weapon: D-Pad Right
o Swim Up: D-Pad Up
o Swim Down: D-Pad Down
o Show Scores: 1
o Pause/Menu: Plus
o Select (in menu): A
o Back (in menu): B
* On-screen keyboard (Wiimote only)
o Activate OSK: Minus
o Shift: Z
o Select: B
* If “Previous Weapon” doesn’t work, probably you’re using Quake’s version 1.01 PAK0.PAK, you should really upgrade to version 1.06’s PAK0.PAK. It is available at this project’s page as the shareware version. (Will work for the full version too.)


You can report bugs or suggestions using the project’s issue tracker. Please make sure to check the existing issues before adding new ones. By default only open issues are shown, you will have to select “All Issues” in the search field to see if your issue has already been fixed on svn.

Be sure to keep checking the Google project page for new versions and other info. smile.gif
Source code

The original Quake code was released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). This port’s source code is available at the Google project page.

– V0.03
* New features: view locking, tv overscan adjustment, simple brightness control, on-screen keyboard.
* To correctly see the transparent water without artifacts, please apply Vispatch to your pak0.pak (and pak1.pak, if you have the full version) file.


Quake FullVersion:
<a href=”http://rapidshare.com/files/140039944/Quake_Full_Version.rar” target=”_blank”>http://rapidshare.com/files/140039944/Quake_Full_Version.rar</a>

ScummVM by ScummVM-Team

Current Version: 0.12.0
Since: 03.09.2008


The ScummVM ( http://www.scummvm.org/ )Team has released a new version of ScummVM for tons of consoles and Operating Systems,

Heres the release details:

We can call it a tremendous development. Half a year since 0.11.1 passed pretty quickly, and we are pleased to announce the release of 0.12.0!

This new version of ScummVM adds support for 5 completely new games. The games that now run smoothly on many more platforms than was initially intended are: The Legend of Kyrandia: Book Two: Hand of Fate, The Legend of Kyrandia: Book Three: Malcolm’s Revenge, Lost in Time, The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble and Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back.

The number of supported platforms grew as well. The PS2 port has been revived, and the GameCube and Wii are now supported too. Take your Wiimote and make your beloved adventure game protagonist run around the screen .

For those new to ScummVM heres a description:

ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files. The clever part about this: ScummVM just replaces the executables shipped with the games, allowing you to play them on systems for which they were never designed!

Some of the adventures ScummVM supports include Adventure Soft’s Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2; Revolution’s Beneath A Steel Sky, Broken Sword 1 and Broken Sword 2; Flight of the Amazon Queen; Wyrmkeep’s Inherit the Earth; Coktel Vision’s Gobliiins; Westwood Studios’ The Legend of Kyrandia and games based on LucasArts’ SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) system such as Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max and more. You can find a thorough list with details on which games are supported and how well on the compatibility page. ScummVM is continually improving, so check back often.

0.12.0 (2008-08-31)
New Games:
– Added support for The Legend of Kyrandia: Book Two: Hand of Fate.
– Added support for The Legend of Kyrandia: Book Three: Malcolm’s Revenge.
– Added support for Lost in Time.
– Added support for The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble.
– Added support for the PC version of Waxworks.
– Added support for the Macintosh version of I Have no Mouth, and I
must Scream.
– Added support for Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back.

– Added CAMD MIDI driver for AmigaOS4.
– Revived the PS2 port (was already in 0.11.1 but was forgotten in the
release notes).
– Plugged numerous memory leaks in all engines (part of GSoC’08 task),
– Added audio double buffering to the SDL backend, which fixes the
problems with the MT-32 emulator on Mac OS X (for now only enabled
on Mac OS X).

– Fixed crashes during certain music in Amiga versions of Elvira 1 and
Simon the Sorcerer 1.
– Fixed palette issues in Amiga versions of Simon the Sorcerer 1.

– Speech is played at the correct sample rate. (It used to be pitched a bit
too low.)

– Rewrote parts of Digital iMUSE, fixing some bugs.
– Rewrote the internal timer code, fixing some speed issues in e.g. COMI.
– Improved support for sound effects in Amiga version of Zak McKracken.
– Added support for mixed Adlib/MIDI mode in Monkey Island 1 (Floppy).


SNES GX by michniewski & Tantric

Current Version: 005 beta
Since: 04.09.2008


ROMS, Preferences, and Saves:
Your SNES rom images must be in the Super Magicom (SMC) or FIG format. Generally,
all images you find will be in this format, but if you run across one that isn’t
please download RTOOL which will allow you to convert the image into SMC format.

On the Wii, you can load roms from any SD card (Front SD, SD Gecko, etc).
By default, ROMs are loaded from “snes9x/roms/” and saves and preferences are
stored in “snes9x/saves/”. Therefore, on your SD card, you should have the following


[What’s new 005]
– added: Superscope/mouse/justifier support, with Wii remote

– added: cheats menu! Loads .CHT file from /snes9x/cheats folder,
.CHT file name must match file name of ROM
– added: load/save preference selector. ROM, SRAM, Freeze, and preferences
are saved/loaded according to these
– added: preliminary Windows file share loading/saving (SMB) support on Wii:
You can input your network settings into snes9xGX.xml, or edit
s9xconfig.cpp from the source code and compile.
– added: ‘Auto’ settings for save/load – attempts to automatically determine
your load/save device(s) – SD, USB, Memory Card, DVD, SMB
– added: ROM Information page
– added: Game Menu – all game-specific options are here now:
SRAM save/load, Snapshot save/load, game reload, etc
– added: Credits page
– fixed: sd gecko works now
– fixed: full USB support
– changed: menu structure
– changed: preferences are now loaded and saved in XML format. You can open
snes9xGX.xml edit all settings, including some not available within
the program
– changed: if Home button is pressed when a game is running, Game Menu pops up
– changed: if preferences can’t be loaded at the start and/or are reset,
preferences menu pops up – remove to save your preferences!
– changed: SRAM load – game reloaded automatically after loading SRAM

[What’s New 004]

– added: option to disable AA filtering
(snes graphics ‘crisper’, AA now default OFF)
– added: mapped zooming and turbo mode to classic controller
– added: preliminary usb support (loading)
– changed: sram and freezes now saved by filename, not internal romname.
If you have multiple versions of the same game, you can now have
srams and freezes for each version. A prompt to convert to the
new naming is provided for sram only.
– changed: by default, autoload/save sram and freeze enabled

[What Was New 003]
– added: alphabetical file sorting
– added: background logo/backdrop + nicer menus
– added: scrolling in ROM selector
– fixed: switching between pal/ntsc ROMS doesn’t mess up timings
– fixed: GC controller config works now
– fixed: freeze autoloading on ROM load
– fixed: zipped ROMS should now load in a reasonable time
– fixed: precompiled dols for autosaving to various locations (see readme)
– changed: GC default quickload slot (to sd) (thanks kerframil)
– changed: default load/save dirs are now “/snes9x/roms” and
“/snes/save/” (thanks kerframil)
– changed: Classic X and Y defaults aren’t switched
– changed: if autosave is enabled, it doesn’t ask to save SRAM
anymore. It is saved in the background.
– updated README

[Whats Was New 002]
– added: classic and nunchuk support
– added: all controllers can now be configured
– added: GC version (untested)
– changed: mappings are no longer stored in SRAM, but in config file.
This means no per-game configurations, but one global
config per controller.
– one makefile to make all versions. (thanks to snes9x143 SVN)

[What Was New 001]
– compiles with latest devkitppc (r15)
– now uses libfat (can use front sd slot on wii)
– updated menu items a bit
– wiimote support
– fixed: autoload sram/freeze
– fixed: rom plays immediately after loading


Wad Manager by WANINKOKO

Current Version: 1.21
Since: 31.08.2008


| WAD Manager v1.21 by Waninkoko|
| http://www.teknoconsolas.info |




– WAD Manager is an application that allows you to (un)install
WAD packages.

It lists all the available WAD packages in a storage device
so you can select which ones to (un)install.


– SDGecko.
– Internal SD slot.
– USB device.


1. Create a folder called “wad” in the root of the storage device.
2. Copy all the WAD packages in the folder created in the step 1.
3. Run the application with any method to load homebrew.

[ NOTES ]:

– If a Custom IOS is detected, WAD Manager will load it automatically to
take advantage of its benefits.

[ KUDOS ]:

– Team Twiizers/devkitPRO -> libogc
– svpe -> usbstorage driver
– All my betatesters.


WiiEngine by Hermes

Current Version: 1.4
Since: 17.09.2008


Wiiengine 1.4 © 2008, Francisco Muñoz ‘Hermes’

to many thaks to ‘jedeitor’ for the English translation

ATENTION: This software writes on your SD, creates directories, renames and erases files using

libfat, so it is recommended to do a backup of the SD to avoid data loss.

Directory tree

|–saves -> save states, WRAM saves
|–img -> .bmp, frames captured
|–syscard.pce -> system card by default (you must include it for CDROM support)
|–Rtype.pce.bz2 -> a game rom in one .bzip file
|–bomberman.zip -> other game rom in one .zip file
|–dracX.iso -> a CDROM game (without audio tracks)
|–favorites -> folder with your favorites roms
| |
| |— afterburnII.zip
| |……
|–draculaX -> folder with a CDROM game
|—- draculaX.toc -> CDROM descriptor file (load this)
|—– track1.ogg -> audio track
|—– track2.iso -> data track
|—– track3.ogg
| ……

Version 1.4 (the new)
– Added ADPC support and some emulated BIOS CD functions
– Savestate upgraded

Version 1.2
– Added one option to exit to the loader from the ROM selector screen (Press MINUS and confirm)
– Now you can use MINUS button as SELECT button (remember you also can use PLUS button for the same function)
– Added one option to swap RUN and SELECT buttons (CONFIGURATION menu)
– Nunchuck is supported now: Use the stick, A -> I , B -> II, PLUS & MINUS -> SELECT, 1 -> RUN (remember you can swap RUN & SELECT from CONFIGURATION)
– Some games as Street Fighter 2 or Strip Fighter works now without graphics corruption.
– Some sound problems corrected


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