wii rick roll channel for aprils fools! trick a friend brewers lol

March 19, 2009

THIS IS FOR APRIL FIRST joke on a local friend i am gonna make a convincing fake mplayer called Mplayer Enigma for april first to give him lol a channel that plays this rick roll never gonna give you upupon clicking start now i have it working i figured a may as well share it 😛 roflmao

PRANKWARE for April fools joke its basicly a mplayer that forwards the music video of rick roles song in a dol and preloader…

NOW THE CHANNEL WILL WORK IF THE SOFTWARE IS ALSO IN THE APPS FOLDER but i want to do this without the preloader file is that possible?

How to install April fools rick roll channel:

1 IMPORTANT: Copy the “isol” folder to the SD card /apps directory.
2. Run the application with the included channel or the hbc
3.. Enjoy!

A video of what they see when they boot [b](currently uploading) the channel LOL :D[/b]

Need some help from teh gurus:

New yet unique mplayer enigma banner,logo and icons are welcome to help make this look better the one i have made has a picture of the guy i am giving it to as the banner ATM i can change this at any point just waiting for some decent gfx to put in there! 🙂

This is a DOL file that i need to merge with a preloader file, requires the preloader file to work….
I have made a wad with WADder and Autoinjectuwad and i cant get it to boot WITHOUT Copying the “isol” folder to the SD card /apps directory this is what I would like to do.

Yet it works in the channel just fine so long as the file structure is present naturally…I guess the question is can i merge a preloader and dol file? to make it a wad only install?


Wii Channel version (as in the video) can be downloaded here:

Source info:
Digg http://digg.com/nintendo/Wii_ISO_Load…
original prankware setup: http://serv.qoid.us/isoloader.zip


Installing SOFTMII CSM Downgrade and Install Softmii w/CSM and Recovery

March 18, 2009
<a href=”http://www.youtube.com/v/G6A6tKBuagU&rel=0″ target=”_blank”>http://www.youtube.com/v/G6A6tKBuagU&rel=0</a>

Softmii hacks Requirements:

PAL or NTSC-U Wii [No Others Have Been Tested]

SD Card (of at least 256 MB) [formatted to FAT]

The SoftMii Pack, unpacked to your SD card ROOT

Twilight Princess Retail

Internet Connection For Wii (For Full Set up including downgraders)


[size=14pt]Download Here:
[/size] http://softmii.com/SoftMii/SoftMii_v1.rar



[Homebrew channel install with Twilight Hack]

+Copy over the save file for your version of Zelda.
**NOTE If you are on firmware 3.4 ONLY, you must delete data.bin and rename Twilight3.4.bin to data.bin before
you copy it over. This ensures you are using the correct version of the hack. You must run Zelda right after you
copy the hack over or the system menu will delete it and you will have to copy it over again.
+Once the hacked save file is copied over, run Zelda. Talk to the nearby man or walk backwards to initiate
the install of the homebrew channel (which is the boot.dol in the root of your SD card)
Congrats, you should now have Homebrew Channel installed!

*Note* Make sure each step is successful before you move on to the next step. If a step is not successful it may prevent the next steps from working.

[STEP 1] [Perform BOTH these steps if you are already on 3.3 or 3.4 then move on to Step 2]

+Load Wad Manager in Homebrew Channel and install IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad
Yes, even if you have received errors trying to install other wads this should still work.

+Load Custom WM in Homebrew Channel and install cios_fix.wad
You cannot install this wad with Wad Manager. This is a custom wad manager designed to work for IOS16.

+Load IOS Downgrader in Homebrew Channel. Just follow any prompts until it tells you it is complete.
**Note: This is NOT the same as the cIOS downgrader. The cIOS downgrader allows you to upgrade or downgrade to the ideal firmware
version which is 3.2. The reason 3.2 is so popular is partially because versions after this one had the Trucha bug fixed, and almost
as importantly ver 3.2 is required to run Starfall. Starfall is important because it is at this time one of the only ways to fix a
partially bricked Wii. It is also handy for skipping disk updates.

[STEP 2] [Perform these steps if you have completed Step 1 above or if you are on a version below 3.2. If you ARE on 3.2, skip to STEP 3]

+Load cIOS Downgrader in Homebrew channel MAKING SURE you PICK YOUR CORRECT REGION. Follow prompts until done.
3.2U = USA/Canada, 3.2E = Europe, 3.2J = Japan
**Note: Once again, this is NOT the same as IOS Downgrader. This is what will upgrade or downgrade you to version 3.2 firmware
which will allow you to install starfall. Starfall is important because it is at this time one of the only ways to fix a
partially bricked Wii. It is also handy for skipping disk updates.

[STEP 3] [You should now be on version 3.2 for your region. You’re almost done!]


4) Run HBC (HomeBrew Channel)

5) Select and load AnyRegionChanger M5….it’ll mention about Korean Discs, IGNORE.(Thx 2 Twiizers + Qleap)

6) Get into the options (Press A), and IGNORE the top section which has region change stuff and EULA stuff. just press 1 after you (Press A), then after you see all the option go to the next step…

7) Look at the mid-bottom options, about installing 3.2 (or 3.3K), and leave it on 3.2E for PAL /3.2U for NTSC (it should be your region by default but if its not right it could mess things up so you should make sure if you have a USA wii to have it set to 3.2 united states for example…

Cool Click “GO” when you have set to your consoles region and then answer then answer YES when it asks if you are sure.

9) Answer “NO” when/if it asks about Korean Disc Loading *explained later*

10) Answer “YES” when it asks you to install SPECIAL STARFALL TYPE-HACKS. Wait for finish, can take a few minutes. Then press HOME when finished to reboot. OK We should now have a nice 3.2 system installation. Now we can really get going*IF YOUR HAVE PREVIOUSLY INSTALLED PRELOADERYOU WILL NEED TO RUN THE HACKS REMOVER FOUND IN THE HOMEBREWCHANNEL.

11) OK now select Pre Loader from the HomeBrew Channel, and wait for it to load

13) Highlight Settings and Press A

14) Select “System hacks” ->

15) Select all the hacks you would like, (recommended – Skip Updates, Move Disc Channel and all No Copy)

16) Select “save settings” and wait for confirmation message to display “Settings Saved”
bl4z3dx247 :

17) Press B

18) Select “auto boot: Systemic” (using the D-Pad Arrows), and save settings with A, then Press B

19) Get back to the system menu. By selecting “Load System Menu”

20) Run HBC

21) Run cIOS installer.. It may freeze briefly. ( run CIOSCORPS Thx 2 WiiBlaster + Co…Installer from Me + Ice Fire.)

22) Exit and reboot.29). Launch SoftMii Tweaks, select 42.app for NTSC and 45.app for PAL31) When the installation is complete press Home to return to the Homebrew Channel then Power Down YOU JUST GOT SOFTMII’D

Hope this worked for you. All I ask is if this guide helps you, that you pass it to other people you see struggling getting it working.

here is the link to the UPDATED HACKS.INI
To use preloader HOLD RESET WHILE BOOTING YOUR WII this loads the preloader hack and recovery device! also booting while holding Y on your GC pad boots starfalls recovery device Tongue


Full credit for this guide goes to the kind folks @ gbatemp who provided the info within a few threads for me to make my guide to downgrading and installing softmii w/preloader and CSM
the source link is here:
http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=118446 creadit also goes to the many developers of wii homebrew applications like Softmii,starfall, all bushing,waninkoko,wiigator and so many others who make this possible.

BONUS GUIDE: How To Install Wiigators Backup loader for Both Wii and Gamecube Backups Region Free Via the Disk Channel!

Download Backup Loader Gamma from here:


Step 1: Cios Installation via HBC
Load the HBC and start the CIOS Installer IOS249 that comes with the Gamma archive…(Does not requires a network connection so long as the 000001 foler is in the root that should be in the gamma rar linked above step 1) this App will find the files online/or in the root of your SD and both download and install Cios249 patched for the backup loader gamma and GC loader which BOTH require ios249 to run…

Step 2:
Extract the files in cMIOS +mios-v8.rar to the root of your mem card
DOWNLOAD IT HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?nnz2znjzjmd Next you load up the HBC and Run Waninkoko’s Cmios_rev1 Installer it is automated…when its finished running the patch your wii will be able to run GC backups right from the disc channel using the more recent MIOS 8 instead of Wiigators default MIOS4 or 5

computability remains the same for ether waninkoko’s V8 has MUCH BETTER AUTO DETECTION OF GAMECUBE BOOT TYPE so you never have to set region b4 you boot.

Step 3: Now put either a Wii Game or Game cube Game Backup in your wii and enjoy!...Notice it shows up in disk channel if you have applied all the previously listed softmii csm alpha hacks and will now boot and play all the time right from the disk channel! (optionally you can follow these Same 3 steps and GC/Wii backups will also load via the Gamma loader or any Gamma channel on your wii menu)

UPDATE: SOFTMII 2.0 is Released!
<a href=”http://www.youtube.com/v/YCXpneZ0kRU&rel=0″ target=”_blank”>http://www.youtube.com/v/YCXpneZ0kRU&rel=0</a>

to update your version of softmii simply drag and drop the files in the directory called COPY TO SD
to your SD card obviousley LOL then using the NEW THEME FOLDER FEATURE! you can put any theme you want to flash REMEMBER TO ONLY FLASH THEMES FOR YOUR RESPECTIVE REGIONS!

3.2U users should get NTSC themes

3.2E users should get PAL themes


themes are to be placed in the proper directory or wont be loaded in softmii 2.0 (x representing your SD cards drive letter)


so if you do not have the themes within the SOFTMII directory on the root of your SD card then naturally softmii wont pick them up in the menu Wink

the themes can be found @ www.softmii.org in the THEME section (click the theme tab on the left side of the page when you get to softmii’s website)

:[/b][/color] http://www.mediafire.com/?imm4ukkzzm2

awesome channel wad updates by djdynamite

March 18, 2009

Attributes for Images for a .wad

Banner = 590×332
IconImage = 128×96
LogoChan = 112×32
Sound = anything under 20seconds or can also loop the sound..

http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tjmm5n2zmmkGamma 002fix!!!
Images : Modified and Redisigned by tha hackerz
Compiled by Tri-Edge
Injected new update by DJDynamite123

This is without doubt the best banner iv’e ever come across for any backup launchers!!!

http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?z50myn2nzyw<<<By Wiisel and DJDynamite123 also added my own produced Soundtrack FUCKING AWESOME!
This is a dol forwarder by Spacejump, if you want the normal .dol INJECT YOURSELF!

Linux Kernel Version:
– Elf Forwarder for the Linux Kernel with included wad (loads boot.elf from /apps/linux-kernel):

http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3mke2ogdymr<<<Images by BlueK, Sound and packaged by DJDynamite123, Forwarder by Spacejump!!!

Homebrew Browser, Images by BlueK, Sound & packaged by DJDynamite123

Gamma002fix! Images & Sound by Sorox, Packed by Me djdynamite123

My Tutorial on MPlayerWii
Soundtrack to channel made by DJDynamite123 and The Viper – X-Terminate!
the soundtrack will only play with certain players like SMPlayer etc
This downlaod has the mplayerwii latest build, also a dol forwarder wad aswell, thanx Spacejump…..
Thankyou to Kitt for making hte channel packing it and adding my own produced track…. the sound is very good and kicks in immediately and is 20 seconds long!

http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?qrjmhjt2m2d <<<<GeckoOS packed and Sound new sample made by DJDynamite123 is fucking amazing!!! Images by Vidboy10

Heres my other GX-Geo NeoGeo ready for you all..(also Mestal Slug soundtrack)

Here is another gxgeo channel, it’s a .dol forwarder, THANK SPACEJUMP, it saves space BUT requires the app on SD as well, the other above doesn’t require the app, it’s inside the channel…..
<<by DJ Dynamite123

<<<Made By DJDynamite123 (all images/sound by Wiisel, i packed it together) it’s a (dol forwarder) thanx Spacejump, require the app on SD card, folder gxgeo in apps folder

first one in the red section NEO-GEO Start-up Mp3 (192kb)

<<<Made by DJDynamite123

<<<<<By DJDynamite123 all pack by me, Images by Kitt, also iv’e forgot to remove the sound.bin so it has the VC Sound……

http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gn5amlkdizw Another GeckoOS made by DJDynamite123

GeeXboX Version:
– GeeXboX channel with injected elf_forwarder for GeeXboX (Banner provided by Sonic DX, sound by djdynamite123,
(You need the .elf inside the SD for this channel to load up the .elf)


Here is my made Starfall banner, don’t laugh I’m not good at snapping up graphics!

http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jzzj4wajmgn<<<Made by djdynamite123

My tutorial on MplayerWii
I made a logo based on the egg looking thing, saying MPlayer, has decent music
banner/icon by snikerz, packed by me DJDynamite123, this package also has a dol forwarder, the path is a folder in apps called MPlayerWii in apps folder with the boot.dol in Thanx Spacejump


Also has decent icon/logo and sound!! banner by snikerz, packed by me! DJDynamite123


http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mzt4mmlmhym<<<MPlayerDVDLibEdition, (the Logo is stretched like Icon, i did everything Correct aswell) hmm

http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?xymhzvgzmmm<<<MPlayerWii by DJDynamite123

<<<<<Images by Vidboy10, sound & packaged by DJDynamite123

If iv’e posted a channel made by me with a (elf/dol forwarder) The inject dol forwarder are from Spacejump,
i requested a few from him to code, and he done them +Respect thankyou

Anyone good at graphics (banners,etc) PM me or post on here, and ill add them for you, or if your a person that only likes a channel for Themselves, then PM Me and ill do it for you…All wads are tested by myself smile.gif

All tested by djdynamite correct?

All channels i edit/make are Tested personally by Me yes,
all other channels that people post on here, I Wont test them, (because i didn’t make them, and it’s not for me to do, it’s you who made/edited it……….so that’s for you to have done,
If any Suspicious people start posting wads, like the (MplayerWii bricks) then i will know and they will be removed & banned..(e.g. New Noobs) etc………


I wont take responsibility for any damage done to your console though installing a improper channel…….
Only download-install wads, THAT ARE KNOWN SAFE e.g. BY ME etc
Also PLEASE make sure you are ALWAYS PREPARED in case of a brick, so please keep the TP hack on your wii at all times etc, unless your on 3.2 with a drivechip, then you don’t require TP……

Using your Wiimote on the Xbox360 How to:

November 11, 2008
Xbox 360 Input Machine (XIM) enables any PC input device to be used on the Xbox 360.
Since this blog entry was posted, an additional post has been made describing how to build your own Xbox 360 Input Machine (XIM). Click here for details.
(like many others) am a proud owner of a Wii60. Us Wii60 owners feel that we’ve got gaming all covered. Our Xbox 360 gives us top-class hard core online gaming in high definition. Our Wii gives us really unique gaming experiences because the Wiimote is like nothing else. But, what if we could get the best of the Xbox 360 and the best of the Wii, together, in a single game? I was curious, and the end result is my creation that I call Xbox 360 Input Machine (or, “XIM” for short).

Video: Playing Halo 2 (Xbox 360) with a Wiimote

(Even though I chose to adapt a Wiimote to my Xbox 360, this system will work with any input device that a PC can recognize. This, of course, includes any gaming mouse and keyboard (wired or wireless) available.)
Why a project like this?
XIM is, by far, the most ambitious side project I have ever worked on. It took most of my spare time over many months to complete and there were a lot of failures along the way. People may wonder why I’d spend so much time on a project like this. I have no agenda behind it. The answer is simple: I enjoy it. I like working on hardware, software, and firmware. Given that I also like gaming, I felt this sort of project was a natural fit with my interests.
No matter what, I wasn’t interested in creating vaporware. The end result had to work. I wanted something that I could play on daily that performed well.
Where to start?
The initial hurdle was to figure out where to start. We’ve seen devices come and go that let you use alternate input devices on the Xbox. Of course, there was the SmartJoy FRAG (SJF) for the Xbox, and now the XFPS 360 for the Xbox 360. Both these devices enable gaming using a mouse and keyboard with various levels of success. I own both of these devices and I can tell you that the SJF worked well on the Xbox (all my time with the device was spent on Halo 2). It was far from perfect, but, it was workable. As for the XFPS, that’s a different story. It’s performance is horrific (not to mention its hefty price tag). A lot of “SJF people” like me bought this device only to be very disappointed.
One redeeming trait of the XFPS is that it can also accept Playstation 2 controllers. It turns out that it does the translation to Xbox 360 very well. The XFPS also has another important feature: it circumvents the Xbox 360s security which prohibits 3rd parties from creating alternate input devices. Because of this, I decided to take my XFPS (which, at this point was collecting dust) and use it in my project.
Generating the right signals
As I mentioned, the XFPS can convert PS2 controller input to Xbox 360 input. This meant that I needed to emulate a PS2 controller. Turns out that the protocol is fairly well documented. The best source of information I found is here. The document describes the protocol in detail (using ASCII-art for the waveforms!). It turns out that the PS2 protocol is very similar to the standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) (4-wire Master/Slave) that many microcontrollers support in hardware. It’s not exact though. The PS2 protocol includes an controller-side acknowledgement (ACK) signal and it delivers bits in reverse relative to SPI. There was another issue too: the XFPS itself is emulating a PS2 console so, there may be slight differences in how it implements the protocol. Despite all these differences, I decided to go down the SPI route, and, I was glad it did.
The microcontroller and firmware
It’s been many years since I used and wrote firmware for a microcontroller. Back then I was using a Motorola HC11 and the firmware was in assembly language. Compared to the types of desktop software development tools and debuggers we have today, it was a pretty primitive environment. As I was searching for a microcontroller platform to develop on, I was thinking (hoping) that times have changed. I’m happy to report they have.
It hasn’t reached the level of sophistication of desktop software development environments, but, microcontroller development has come a long way. They now have integrated development environments (IDEs), in-circuit real-time debugging, and mature C-based compilers. There are quite a few offerings out there, but, the company that stood out amongst the rest is Silicon Labs. They offer a great end-to-end solution that includes affordable (cheap) development kits called their ToolStick line. For $25 I got a nice 8051-based kit that includes a prototyping area and also interfaces with the PC via USB. These processors are incredibly fast (25 MHz) and are only a couple of millimeters in size. And, most importantly, they include the SPI interface in hardware.

The “black box” in my design contains the development kit along with a PS2 controller extension cord cut and soldered on to the prototype area. The firmware I wrote configures the microcontroller to interface to the PS2 bus via the SPI interface. The ACK signal I mentioned before is also generated after an entire data transfer cycle is complete to inform the XFPS to start on the next cycle. The firmware also handles communication with PC via the onboard USB connection. The PC sends a PS2 controller state “packet” down to the microcontroller, then, in turn, the microcontroller places this data on the PS2 bus. Of course, timing is everything. Care was taken to ensure that the microcontroller is always responding to the XFPS quickly, otherwise, data would be corrupted or lost. At the same time, packets received from the PC must be buffered until the latest PS2 bus transfer is fully committed. As I was unfamiliar with development on this microcontroller, it took some time, trial and error to get this all working. The result turned out to be really solid and I’m happy with the overall design.
The PC connection

The requirement of a PC could be considered pretty “heavy-weight”. Even though an underpowered PC is good enough, we are still talking about gaming on a console after all. But, the PC in the overall XIM-equation is a vital piece of the puzzle for a few reasons:
1) The ability to interface with just about any input device
As I mentioned before, the system can interface with any input device that the PC supports. Given that the Wiimote is a standard Bluetooth HID (Human Interface Device), existing OS interfaces could be used access the device.
2) The ability to model complex input translation “profiles”
Input translation is how input from the Wiimote is ultimately converted to input to the Xbox 360. The more I worked on this project, the more I realized that a “one-size-fits-all” solution just isn’t enough.
Games for the Xbox 360 are simply not designed for anything other than a dual-analog game pad configuration and it differs per-game. First Person Shooter games are especially difficult due to extensive “aim assist” features (in the form of look acceleration and auto-aim) to make aiming with your thumb possible. These assist features make simplistic translations result in a mediocre play experience (i.e. “jumpy reticule”) when using a Wiimote or mouse.
Every combination of game and input device truly requires a different (potentially complex) translation method (i.e. “profile”) for best experience. My first profile is Halo 2 played with the Wiimote.
3) Shareable input translation profiles
It wasn’t easy building a good translation profile between the Wiimote and Halo 2 on the Xbox 360. Since I’m using a PC, I could share the profile with someone else by publishing it online.
Talking to the Wiimote
The Wiimote and Nunchuk are great input devices. They are relatively straight forward to program against since they are standard HID devices. There is actually a decent sized community out there using the Wiimote in different ways. The main alternate use is gaming on the PC.
Accessing the Wiimote via HID APIs is one thing, but, knowing how to send commands to it and decipher data coming from it is another. I was happy to find that there is a decent amount of code available online that I could reference. The best I found is a .NET library. This code base gave me the vital information I needed to communicate with the Wiimote using my unmanaged C++ code base.
The Wiimote Halo 2 input translation profile
I was set. The hardware interface and firmware was done. I could send single controller state (button presses and analog stick positions) commands from my PC to the Xbox 360. It worked really well. I could also read input commands from my Wiimote and Nunchuk. But, the next hurdle was to take this live data from the Wiimote and convert it to Xbox 360 controller input that actually felt right in-game. Button presses are easy to map. What was going to be most difficult is mapping look (reticule) movement in Halo 2. (Why Halo 2? Because I love Halo and Halo 3 is right around the corner!)
I had two problems left now:
1) How to use a Wiimote in a fixed-reticule game like Halo
2) How to compensate for the aim-assist that made for jumpy reticules with Xbox mouse and keyboard adapters
Wiimote and fixed reticules
Anyone that has played a FPS game on the Wii knows that they use a “bounding-box” technique for aiming. The reticule moves with the Wiimote and look movement occurs when the reticule goes beyond an imaginary box on the screen. Once you get used to it, it controls very well and makes for really fun game play. I had the problem now of figuring out how to make Halo’s fixed-point reticule move with the Wiimote.
Various PC demos I’ve seen used the tilt of the Wiimote to cause reticule movement. This struck me as awkward as it seemed like it would be difficult to control (especially restoring the Wiimote back to the “zero” position to stop movement). I went ahead and tried this sort of look translation, and, I was right, although movement was smooth, it was uncontrollable.
I decided to take the same approach as a mouse in FPS gaming. Reticule movement on screen would correspond to where the Wiimote is pointing (via its IR sensors). When you run out of “mouse pad” the mouse is picked up and repositioned on the pad. Similarly for the Wiimote, when the Wiimote exceeds the IR field, you use the A button to disengage movement and reposition the Wiimote. This feels the most natural and responsive to play. The negative to this was that, since the Wiimote IR is so sensitive, every little movement (including your hand shaking slightly) would translate to movement on the screen. This problem along with the game’s existing “auto-aim” needed to be addressed.
Smoothing out the reticule
Making look (reticule) movement feel smooth turned out to be a recurring process of trial and error. Wiimote IR movement deltas couldn’t be translated directly (linearly) to Xbox look thumb stick deltas without a jumpy reticule. I settled on an exponential translation curve to best help counter the affects of in-game acceleration. I then added smoothing algorithms to help keep the reticule stable. I still had a problem between precise aiming and fast turning.
I felt like given the constraints of the look mechanics of the game, I couldn’t make both precise aiming and fast turning work with the same translation curve. That’s when I decided to program in two curves which are switched based on the state of the Nunchuk C button. By default, turning is fast. But, when you need to be more precise on aiming, pressing the C button drops the sensitivity.
All this combined with independent X-Y sensitively and, of course, dead zone compensation, made for a good experience. It’s not perfect, but, I feel with more tweaking, it has the potential of being great.
Where we go from here
As far as hardware, where I think where it should go is beyond the free time I have to invest. I’d love to see something like this packaged (i.e. all the parts) into a single device. The device would have to be sophisticated enough to accept new, relatively complex input transformation profiles. This means it would need to be able to interface with a PC in some way (ideally wirelessly) and be programmable via the PC. Of course, accepting more than a mouse and keyboard is a must (such as a Wiimote or other bluetooth devices).
But, for now, I’m looking forward to spending quality time gaming with this new setup, applying incremental improvements to the software and firmware, and coming up with new profiles for different games.


Auto Boot for Wiigators 0.3 beta Backup Launcher – FULLSPEED NO LAG HOW ABOUT THAT!?!

October 28, 2008

Backup Launcher 0.3 beta
This is the release of a test version of the backup launcher. It runs
stable for most games. I hope someone can make a compatibility matrix
in the wiki. Please provide some good input data. Don’t ask questions
which are already answered. If you didn’t use it before, you should
check the posts for the old version.


If you have problems with the archive, you may rename it from .tgz to .tar.gz and extract it twice.

What is included:
– cIOS Installer
– Backup Launcher 0.3 with banner

– Cinematic now working properly
– Wi-Fi Enabled
– Faster Load time
– Drive speed is still 3x. It is so fast that some testers believed it is running at 6x.
– Supports non-patched and patched Wii games (The correct term for “patched” is “decrypted”)
– Not all games will work, but as of now most do.

Some parts are modification of free available source code, and are
unsupported and not condoned by the original authors of it. The backup
loader modification is solely the work of WiiGator.
Thanks to Waninkoko for his support and the first version of the backup loader.

THIS IS SO EASY to do ….way fookin easy NO RISK with this puppy! thanks wiigator! woot!

Step 1: connect your wii to the internet via ethernet or wifi and run CIOS install that comes with the megaupload link  posted….THIS GRABS THE IOS FROM SERVER AND THE FILES NEEDED AND IT INSTALLS THEM AUTOMATIC NO RISK! (nice4 huh?)

Step 2: install the DOL for the homebrew channel or the channel wad i made and enjoy! it REALLY is that simple!
Step 3 (optional)

ORIGINAL POST BY Forsaekn @ GBAtemp!
thanks guys your contribution are making the scene
a  better place all the time!

I decided to modify WiiGator’s Backup Launcher 0.3 source to make an “autoboot” variation, because I want to go through as few menus as possible when booting my backups. I guess you could say I wanted a more streamlined process.

This modified build will now automatically boot directly into the game, unless you are holding ‘B’ down on either the wiimote or a GC controller during launch. This will enter the configuration menu where you can change Language, Force TV Signal type, change Hooktype, enable Ocarina, etc.
Usage: Hold ‘B’ during launch to enter boot configuration menu.

download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jzgimmixmmk/…auncher_0.3.rar
mirror: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XRCGQZXI

UPDATE: By popular demand I’ve uploaded ForceNTSC and ForceNTSC with vipatch versions.

ForceNTSC: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ni0gmjjmjmc/…3-ForceNTSC.rar

ForceNTSC with vipatch: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ewdwqiuimmz/…NTSCvipatch.rar

The archives include the dol, modified sourcecode, and a Channel WAD created by me. (Banner image was created by shadowmoses, Icon images and sound by Forsaekn @ GBAtemp!)
NOTE: make sure you still install the CIOS before using the backup launcher, or it will not work regardless of where you run it from.



Reduced: 71% of original size [ 720 x 480 ] – Click to view full image


BTW there is the NEW compat threads






not all patched games work but out of about 40 i only lost 12 disc that wont play proper anymore so dont toss ALL your old patched disc’s untill you test them and remember to try each disc a couple times…I say this because if you set your hook to GC PAD it can often allow a game to run perfect that may not have ran before and 1 game in particular is pokemon battle rev it sometimes has to be booted a couple of times Wink

but talk about nice full speed backup loader! wooot!

EDIT: BTW here is a video of the channel i injected and the dol baboon has posted above in action playing wiimusic NTSC-J and a PAL version of destroy all humans on my NTSC system (all backups naturally)

Before you use the software check if this is the offical version by comparing the hash values.

40169d38e18b19561f331471f9c3a119f7faf30a cIOS_Installer/boot.dol
6693c1c439566bfd4ca62cd60fea709bf3d53583 Backup_Launcher/boot.dol

a3fec9280cde7d955b061ed32c75aec3 cIOS_Installer/boot.dol
925d030f977f22d61012c04b03985874 Backup_Launcher/boot.dol


It is prohibited to use any of the software to illegally copy games, they are intended only to create and play legal backups of games that you own. In some countries or regions it is still illegal to make copies of games that you own, check with your local authorities if you are unsure. I cannot be held responsible for any misuse of these programs. The use of any of the above software is done so at your own risk. If you mess something up or anything undesirable (ie: loss of warranty, brick, lawsuits, jailtime) happens because of any of these programs, it is your own fault. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!


1. Install new cIOS. Make sure its properly installed
2. Load Backup Launcher and play game.


Q. What does it do?
A. Play Wii backups on your non-modded Wii.

Q. Do all games work?
A. This is only a beta version. Not all games will work, but as of now most do.

Q: Where do I get support for it?
A: I do this in my free time. So you need to search in the internet for forums like http://gbatemp.net.

Q: Where do I get an update?
A: You will get updates at my blog: http://gbatemp.net/?act=module&module=…member=WiiGator

Q: When will it support … and when will be released?
A: I do this in my free time, so I don’t know.

A: I heard a rumour that …?
Q: Don’t believe it. Wait until it is approved or declined.

Q. What does patched games means and do I need it?
A. This was used in the first version. The game application was decrypted. It is not needed anymore. 1:1 backups have higher compatibility than patched games.

Q. How do I run it?
A. Seems you don’t know anything about homebrew yet:
– You need to install http://www.wiibrew.org/wiki/Homebrew_Channel.
– You will need http://www.wiibrew.org/wiki/Twilight_Hack and the game “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” to install the channel.
– Create the directory apps in the root of your SD card.
– Copy Backup_Launcher and cIOS_Installer to the directory apps.
– Put the SD card into the front SD slot of your Wii.
– Then run the homebrew channel.
– First install cIOS and then run Backup Launcher.

Q. I can’t install cIOS, I keep getting an error. How do I fix this?
A. If you have a previous cIOS installed, remove it with Waninkoko’s cIOS Uninstaller or use AnyTitleDeleter. Then
try to install the new cIOS.

Q. Do I need the new cIOS to play games?
A. Yes.

Q. Does Wi-Fi work?
A. Yes, some games have been tested and they work. Though we’re not sure if all of them work.

Q. I have a problem, will you fix it?
A. Post it in the Backup Launcher thread and beta testers or someone can help you.

Q. Can I be a beta tester?
A. You have already something what you can test.

Q. Will this brick my Wii?
A. There is a slim chance that it will. I have installed the cIOS countless times with no problems. But just make sure you follow the onscreen instructions. It is possible that someone puts malicious software on a game disc. I suggest to run only games which are correctly signed by Nintendo! You can check this for example by running extractpartition. Don’t install updates from a burned game disc of a different region, this was already reported to brick your Wii, when using a hardware modchip.

Q. <Insert Game Here> doesn’t work, whats the problem?
A. The loader isn’t perfect. It will probably be fixed in the next update.

Q. Does it load GameCube backups?
A. No.

Q. Does it play old games like Twilight Princess and Red Steel?
A. No, but some are working.

Q. Do I need dvdx?
A. No. Just ignore it and forget that it could be in anyway related to this program.

Q. There is a online or disc update available from Nintendo, should I update it?
A. NEVER MAKE ANY UPDATE FROM NINTENDO!!! This can make the backup launcher unusable. There are better ways to do this.

Q. Where does cIOS install?
A. It installs on the NAND flash of your Wii. It uses IOS249 v6.

Q. Is this easy to uninstall if I decide I dont want it ?
A. Yes – most of the install files can be removed with the WAD manager – the rest just delete off the SD card.

Q. I’m getting an error with : DVD Identify Failed when I try to run a game – why ?
A. This is a burn media issue – dont use DVD REWRITABLES and try a different disc/drive/burn speed. You need to change the book type of DVD+R.

Q. I’m getting an error with : No DVD when I try to run a game – why ?
A. This is a burn media issue – dont use DVD REWRITABLES and try a different disc/drive/burn speed. You need to change the book type of DVD+R.

Q. I don’t have Wi-Fi, how can I install it?
A1. You need to download the following files with your computer:

Create the directory /00000001/00000024/v1042/ in the root of your SD card. Copy all downloaded files to this folder and put the SD card in the front SD slot.

A2. When you have a second Wii with Wi-Fi, you can run the cIOS installer there with a SD card inserted. The software will copy the required files to the SD card while installation.

Q. My game doesn’t start. What should I do?
A. Try to change the hook type to GC in the configuration.

Source: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showuser=136843

[Tutorial] “Wiizle Shiizle Diizle” from wiisos

October 25, 2008


WDS_TOOL Release Note:

What is Wiizle Diizle Shizzle?

This One is a small PC Application for Wii-Backups.
It’s a “Multi” in One Tool… For Patching GameRegion (JAP, US, PAL),
to prevent of DVD-Updates, Categorize your Games in your local Database.

Game Database:
Every opened Game will be saved in a lokal Database for your Games.
So you you can see your GameList, view Gamedetails, edit Gamedetails, add Comments and Rate your Games

Language Tool:
With this Tool you can create or edit WDS-Lanuguage-Files easily!

WebSite: http://wdstool.atbhost.com/



– Open Virtual Console .wad Files.
– Displays Virtual Console Game Information.
– Displays the WII-ID, on which the VC-Game was created.
– Displays the Game Publisher
– Displays Genre of the Games
– No “restart” required after changing the Language.

Game Database:

– Convert your Game Database in HTML.
– save single Gamedata in a small *.gdr File. So you can share gameinformation with other WDS User.
– Add *.gdr Data to your Game Database

Region Patch:

– Virtual Console Game Region Patch. For WAD-Files.
– Virtual Console Games will not be renamed after Patching.

Changes VERSION 1.2:


– Tools Menu added
– Language Tool added
– Game Database Tool added

Changes VERSION 1.1:


– Language Bugs fixed.
– some GUI and Control Bugs fixed

Region Patch:

– RegionCode displayed in Hex

Update Patch:

– Detects Updates (colored)
– Detects Update Region (colored)
– writes new Header (SPORTS PACK for REVOLUTION – Patch)
– algorithm changed. (secured writing (a little bit slower))
– GUI will not freeze while patching.

Features VERSION 1.0:


– Different Languages supported
– Only one Button Click to Patch the Game

Region Patch:

– Detects already Patched Backups
– overwrites Region Code (16 Bytes) and the RegionByte

Update Patch:

– Detects Updates
– Detects Update Region
– Deletes Updates completly
– writes new Header (SPORTS PACK for REVOLUTION – Patch)
– Fast writing algorithm.

Known Problems:

– Metroid Prime 3 (Update) and Games which checks for special FW Version.
– Windows Vista: The “Patch Both” Button won’t work on Vista

Future of Wiizle Diizle Shiizle:

– Detecting Multi-Updates
– If Multi-Update on Backup.. WDS-Tool will take the correct one
– try to Patch an Backup without deleting header Parts (changing offset)
– Detecting Update Version!
– improved failure detection

Other Notes:

– This one is no professionally Software… its “Homemade”, some Kind of Hobby-Project!!!
So Use this Tool at your own Risk. The Author is not responsible for any malfunctions.
(If Games still try to do an Update, press “No” or shut down your Console WITHOUT Updating)

– Please use this Tool only for legal Backups!!! (You have to own the Original Game)


– Developed with: Visual Studio 2005 (VB)
– OS: Windows XP Version 2002 (Service Pack 2)
– used .Net v2

*** You Need DotNet Version 2 (.Net v2) to Run this Tool ***
***     You must install it before you can use WDS       ***


CREATED BY *** Misanthrope *** 2007

With satisfaction I present/display east program to them that hara but easy all the manipulation of the ISOS and the WADS of Wii


Good seeing the difficulties that have some users according to the regions and updates because me decidi
to make this post not to have to do those post of 30 pages to ask since this or the other becomes

Now before nothing olvidense of wiibrickbloquer, wiifrii, gecko you, free the wads and of many things but, so hands wing build

That it makes east Program?

It patches the region of the Isos

Acquittal Updates

It changes the way of beginning of a disc

It patches the region of the Wads

It makes a List of the Patched ISOS

You can Give a Qualification to your ISOS


We will unload and decompress the following file



We will create Two folders one for ISOS and another one for WADS

Now we will abriremos the application

Saldra an equal box to this

Later you must choose the region of your Wii according to is the case

You remember that before we then created folders and moment for specifying where the WADS estan
and the ISOS besides choosing the language you only must choose the one that Spanish says “(Doble_v)”

Now we give click to “Knows him”

Saldra a box like this

:: ISOS::


Now we are in the initial window

We give click in the eyelash “File” and give click in the option “Abrir (ISO)”

Now abrira an equal sale to this I will work on “Wii Music NTSC-J”

Saldra a window like this where it gives all the info us of the ISO and if it brings or nonupdate besides several
things but that we will be seeing

Now only we give click him “To patch Update”

We will hope to that finalize the process and taaa gives saldra a window announcing that I patch myself well


Now Parcheo comes from Region

It would only be left us the equal window to the one of beginning that in this is appraised that no longer there is update

We will only give click “To patch ready Region immediately” and saldra a window like this

(It remembers that you must form in the options the correct region of your Wii that is the region to which you want to patch the ISO)


In the window that we only have left it is necessary to choose how you want that it initiates the game “automatically” or as always “manual”

Saldra a window like this announcing that now your game is booteable Car

:: WADS::

Good this sera brief can only Be patched the region of the WADS


We will only come to like with the ISO giving click in the eyelash “Archives” and choosing the option “Abrir (WAD)”

[the PAL will work on “Doctor Mario & Bactericida]”

It is only necessary to give Click to the option “To patch Region” and Taaada

Saldra a window like this announcing the conclusion of the process


Good east program brings a tool that you premite to llavar a control on all the games that are
happened over this application, that will not speak much on this function I leave you

Good because I hope that already it is clear and with this simple tool no longer for having problems

The tutorial whole number I did and also I traduci the program am strange to me that nobody speaks of being that is brilliant




I-Mockery review of River City Ransome Hack!

October 21, 2008

Hacked Rom Reviews!

Wilford Brimley Battle!
-a rom hack of “River City Ransom” for the NES-
review by: -RoG-

Amazing. Just when you thought Wilford Brimley couldn’t become a more powerful force in the universe, along comes the game “Wilford Brimley Battle” for the NES. Wilford obviously used his mind-controlling oats on some poor bastard and forced the guy to create a hack of “River City Ransom”. After the game was completed, Wilford probably turned that guy’s brain into oatmeal to keep him quiet. But just who is Wilford Brimley?

Wilford Loves His Oats!

Why, he’s the guy who tells us all to eat us some good ‘n warm Quaker Oats of course! I’m pretty sure he’s about 500 years old, and has lived solely off of these oats for his entire lifetime. He cannot be killed. He cannot be bargained with. You’ll eat his oats and you’ll like it. You don’t have to like his movie “Cocoon” however, I think even he’s embarrassed about that one too. So onto the game…

Wilford Brimley Battle Title Screen!
Choose your Brimley!

A huge dilemma. Which Wilford Brimley are we supposed to pick? The one with the blue pants, white shirt, and white mustache? Or the one with the white pants, blue shirt, and BLUE MUSTACHE!? I dunno, I think the one with the blue mustache is an evil robot. I don’t trust evil robots. I’ll go with the first one.

A terrifying message

Before the game begins we find out the real purpose behind the game… Wilford wants to do away with Kelloggs cornflakes, so he makes them out to be like Nazis (ie: “neo-cornflake empire”). So playing as Wilford, it is apparently your job to put an end to Kellogg company once and for all. Sure why not, let’s give it a try…

Outside Quaker Oats Inc.

You start off just outside the Quater Oat INC. headquarters. But it looks as though you’ve stepped onto some gangland territory, a gang known as THE CORNFLAKES! Something weird about this gang though.

They all look like Wilford Brimley! Ahhhhhhhh!

They’re all old men, just like Wilford! Perhaps Kellogs has been making Wilford Brimley look-a-likes instead of cereal in an attempt to overthrow his reign of terror here on earth? Well the game doesn’t really go too far into detail as far as the plot goes, but at least we get to beat up some old shmoes.

The Oat Store!

Now, just like in River City Ransom, after every few boards you get to go shopping at the local mall. In this game, however, in each mall there is an “Oats” store. So of course, you would think that Wilford could go in to one of these fine oaty establishments to buy some oats as a power-up.

What? You don't serve Oats in an OAT store!?!

Yeah, you’d think that, but you’d be wrong. The store may be called “Oats”, but as you can see, there’s not a single damned oat on the entire menu. Just look at the seething hatred for the waitress in Wilford’s eyes. He wants his oats. He needs his oats. And what to they offer him? Tea and pancakes. That’s just friggin’ great. So, if you’re like me, you buy nothing and move onward.

Creepy. Really, really creepy.

But before we move on, is it me or are some of the kids that walk around in the mall just a little creepy? I mean, look at this kid. He’s in diapers or “short shorts” and a purple tank-top and I do NOT like how he is staring at Wilford. There’s something horribly wrong on the kids’ mind. Something horribly wrong…

Yogurt Enemas? UM... NO.

Well I shrugged off the sight of the strange kid, only to be bombarded with a stranger message. Before entering the next gangland territory, I am greeted by a little girl that has a message for me. Kellogs wants me to have a “healthy breakfast and YOGURT ENEMAS.” Dear god Wilford! Have you no shame? We understand that you don’t like Kellogs, but must you expose such sick and twisted things about the company? If there’s an 8-bit Yogurt Enema of Wilford Brimley anywhere in this game, I am shutting it off instantly and then setting my computer on fire. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.


Wilford also sticks subliminal messages all throughout the game, but none are more blatant than this one: “MEN EAT OATS!“. There you have it. If you don’t eat oats, Wilford thinks you’re a sissy pie. But what if you’re a girl? If you eat oats will you be transformed into a man? Well, you girls out there can get back to me on this one I suppose…


Oh god no, he’s taken over the postal service. I remember seeing Wilford Brimley on an episode of Seinfeld where he was the U.S. Postmaster and he FORCED Kramer to accept all of his junkmail. Kramer was ready to cry while Wilford gave him a speech about he doesn’t appreciate having his golfing game interrupted. As scary as that scene may have been, I just figured he was ACTING as the Postmaster. But as you can see in the above picture, Wilford is obviously planning on taking over the U.S. Postal Service and turning it into the U.S. OATS Service! Is there no end to his Oaty Madness!?!?

Let me in Kellogs! I Wilford Brimley will swallow your souls!

Well, I made it to Kellogs Headquarters. But I couldn’t find a way in, just a closed front gate. I threw a trashcan at it, but nothing happened. I tried leaping the fence. Still nothing. So I guess I”ll never get a chance to beat the game. But in a way I’m glad. I don’t want to know what horrors Wilford was going to bring onto the world once he destroyed the Kellogs empire. That kind of future is just too grim for me to fathom. I’ll just sit here in peace and eat my oats like a good man. I won’t complain. All I ask is that Wilford stays the hell away from me. I don’t think I’m asking for too much.

Click the “Smack Him” Button to see the Oat-fueled Fury of Wilford Brimley!

Email Me if you have any comments/questions about this piece!

take that DIABEETISsss LOL

*** You too can play Wilford Brimley Battle! ***



sorce: http://www.i-mockery.com/romhacks/wilford/