Post MyMenuify 2.2 – GUI

Post MyMenuify 2.2 – GUI
Here it is guys, enjoy!


The GUI is really awesome/sexy, just tested it myself for icefire.

Usage: Place .csm files anywhere on the SD card, you can now browse folders! Run MyMenuify, select a system menu and press A to install.

2 Responses to Post MyMenuify 2.2 – GUI

  1. dude says:

    i cant install any custom system menu, i need something to run mymenuify?

    • vettacossx says:

      you must compile a CSM…go to wadder wiki get the app MYMENU for PC to make any MYM file into a FLASHABLE THEME FILE (.app or .csm) But you have to APPLY THE MYM WITH MY MENU to YOUR ORIGINAL 000000XX.APP file 😉

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