list of djdynamites forwardersd and hall of fame animated channels

In no particular order (although we may have to make this competitive and come up with a ranking system :))


MPlayerCE by Close2Insanity

FCEU-GX by Wiisel

Gecko OS by Wiisel

WiiRadio by Wilsoff

WadManager by Close2Insanity

WiiEarth by Wilsoff

Homebrew Browser by Wiisel

Wii ISO Dumper by kmclaugh

ISO Launcher by JQE

cover flow loader


USB Loader


Wii64 by djdynamite123

SNES9xGx by Bg4m3r

There are a few more top class channels on here, this was just a quick list to get it going. If you think a channel deserves to be here post a link below and if the mods deem it worthy then they can add it to this first post. Mods decision is final – no whining!

To make it to this list there must be a video of the channel available.

I was thinking of having a couple of leagues in this thread. So “A League” would contain the very best, “B League” would be great, but just not quite as good. But I worried this might sadden people. I would put my Frodo / Atari2600 channels in there for example as I don’t think they’re good enough for the elite list! Any thoughts?

Since I’m so popular, I decided to bang up a batch of forwarders, it saves people PM’ing me all the time and so on.

These are SDHC compat, and have error checks incase of idiotic n00bs. :D

They also have a small loading bar so you can see the progress of loading the .dol :)
[. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .]

Thanx goes out to SpaceJump for the initial idea.

Don’t bother asking for the source, No, sorry.

I think iv’e covered most used apps.
Post if you require any others.

What is a forwarder?
A forwarder is basicly a shortcut loader, soon as you launch a channel,
the .dol is launched and it will directly locate the file whichever it was to forward to, e.g. sd:/apps/mplayer_ce/boot.dol
this dol will then be located and it willl load after a few initial checks.

What’s it’s purpose?
It will save Nand space & it will save always having to re-update a channel whenever an update is released.

Will you use one?
If not, why the hell read this thread you wally.

What the hell do I do with a forwarder?
Well you simply grab wadder, or using manual tools, and switch the dol over along with anything else you want changing.

my new forwarders compiled for your’e own use :P check out the cache loading of the dol speed and the shitty numchuk and classic fix :D >>

Quick view on my Genesis channel/Emulator :P thanx to eke-eke’s hard work.
*Don’t ask me for the builds.*

File comment: sd:/apps/wolfenstein_3d_wii/boot.dol
wolfenstein_3d_wii.rar [94.72 KiB]
Downloaded 3 times
File comment: sd:/apps/gecko18/boot.dol
gecko18.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 16 times
File comment: sd:/apps/OpenTyrianWii/boot.dol
OpenTyrianWii.rar [94.67 KiB]
Downloaded 21 times
File comment: sd:/apps/gnuboy/boot.dol
gnuboy.rar [94.65 KiB]
Downloaded 8 times
File comment: sd:/apps/wiiengine/boot.dol
wiiengine.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 9 times
File comment: sd:/apps/uae/boot.dol
uae.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 20 times
File comment: sd:/apps/Freespace2/boot.dol
Freespace2.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 24 times
File comment: sd:/apps/dosbox-wii/boot.dol
dosbox-wii.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 18 times
File comment: sd:/apps/usbloader_gx/boot.dol
usbloader_gx.rar [94.67 KiB]
Downloaded 89 times
File comment: sd:/apps/neopopwii_TheStripper/boot.dol
neopopwii_TheStripper.rar [94.72 KiB]
Downloaded 11 times
File comment: sd:/apps/colem/boot.dol
colem.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 12 times
File comment: sd:/apps/Wolfenstein_3D_Wii/boot.dol
Wolfenstein_3D_Wii.rar [94.72 KiB]
Downloaded 22 times
File comment: sd:/apps/kidspaint/boot.dol
kidspaint.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 24 times
File comment: sd:/apps/CoverFloader/boot.dol
CoverFloader.rar [94.67 KiB]
Downloaded 106 times
File comment: sd:/apps/helium/boot.dol
helium.rar [94.65 KiB]
Downloaded 11 times
File comment: sd:/apps/wiiearth/boot.dol
wiiearth.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 44 times
File comment: sd:/apps/frodo/boot.dol
frodo.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 17 times
File comment: sd:/apps/WiiTuka/boot.dol
WiiTuka.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 10 times
File comment: sd:/apps/WiiQuiz/boot.dol
WiiQuiz.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 10 times
File comment: sd:/apps/wiihandysdl/boot.dol
wiihandysdl.rar [94.67 KiB]
Downloaded 11 times
File comment: sd:/apps/WiiDoom/boot.dol
WiiDoom.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 22 times
File comment: sd:/apps/WiiCoverFlow/boot.dol
WiiCoverFlow.rar [94.67 KiB]
Downloaded 50 times
File comment: sd:/apps/wii2600/boot.dol
wii2600.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 31 times
File comment: sd:/apps/Wii64/boot.dol
Wii64.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 37 times
File comment: sd:/apps/wadmanager/boot.dol
wadmanager.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 104 times
File comment: sd:/apps/vbagx/boot.dol
vbagx.rar [94.67 KiB]
Downloaded 96 times
File comment: sd:/apps/usbloader/boot.dol
usbloader.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 77 times
File comment: sd:/apps/tyrian/boot.dol
tyrian.rar [94.65 KiB]
Downloaded 14 times
File comment: sd:/apps/supersonicwii/boot.dol
supersonicwii.rar [94.67 KiB]
Downloaded 9 times
File comment: sd:/apps/Softmii_Tweak/boot.dol
SoftMii_Tweak.rar [94.67 KiB]
Downloaded 16 times
File comment: sd:/apps/SoftChip/boot.dol
SoftChip.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 24 times
File comment: sd:/apps/snes9xgx/boot.dol
snes9xgx.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 107 times
File comment: sd:/apps/smw/boot.dol
smw.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 34 times
File comment: sd:/apps/smsplusgx/boot.dol
smsplusgx.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 47 times
File comment: sd:/apps/sdexplorer/boot.dol
sdexplorer.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 34 times
File comment: sd:/apps/scummvm/boot.dol
scummvm.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 36 times
File comment: sd:/apps/savegame_manager/boot.dol
savegame_manager.rar [94.68 KiB]
Downloaded 22 times
File comment: sd:/apps/radiow/boot.dol
radiow.rar [94.65 KiB]
Downloaded 35 times
File comment: sd:/apps/Quake/boot.dol
Quake.rar [94.67 KiB]
Downloaded 34 times
File comment: sd:/apps/pong2/boot.dol
pong2.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 13 times
File comment: sd:/apps/MyM/boot.dol
MyM.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 22 times
File comment: sd:/apps/mplayerwii/boot.dol
mplayerwii.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 41 times
File comment: sd:/apps/mplayer_ce/boot.dol
mplayer_ce.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 108 times
File comment: sd:/apps/hugo-gx/boot.dol
hugo-gx.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 24 times
File comment: sd:/apps/homebrew_browser/boot.dol
homebrew_browser.rar [94.68 KiB]
Downloaded 83 times
File comment: sd:/apps/gxgeo/boot.dol
gxgeo.rar [94.67 KiB]
Downloaded 24 times
File comment: sd:/apps/genplusgx/boot.dol
genplusgx.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 76 times
File comment: sd:/apps/geexbox/boot.elf
geexbox.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 27 times
File comment: sd:/apps/Gecko/boot.dol
Gecko.rar [94.67 KiB]
Downloaded 29 times
File comment: sd:/apps/Gecko/boot.elf
Gecko elf.rar [94.67 KiB]
Downloaded 16 times
File comment: sd:/apps/Fuse/boot.dol
Fuse.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 21 times
File comment: sd:/apps/Fuse/boot.elf
Fuse elf.rar [94.67 KiB]
Downloaded 26 times
File comment: sd:/apps/ftpii/boot.dol
ftpii.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 46 times
File comment: sd:/apps/fceugx/boot.dol
fceugx.rar [94.65 KiB]
Downloaded 125 times
File comment: sd:/apps/dopewars/boot.dol
dopewars.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 12 times

File comment: sd:/apps/dmp/boot.dol
dmp.rar [94.66 KiB]
Downloaded 25 times

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