wii rick roll channel for aprils fools! trick a friend brewers lol

THIS IS FOR APRIL FIRST joke on a local friend i am gonna make a convincing fake mplayer called Mplayer Enigma for april first to give him lol a channel that plays this rick roll never gonna give you upupon clicking start now i have it working i figured a may as well share it 😛 roflmao

PRANKWARE for April fools joke its basicly a mplayer that forwards the music video of rick roles song in a dol and preloader…

NOW THE CHANNEL WILL WORK IF THE SOFTWARE IS ALSO IN THE APPS FOLDER but i want to do this without the preloader file is that possible?

How to install April fools rick roll channel:

1 IMPORTANT: Copy the “isol” folder to the SD card /apps directory.
2. Run the application with the included channel or the hbc
3.. Enjoy!

A video of what they see when they boot [b](currently uploading) the channel LOL :D[/b]

Need some help from teh gurus:

New yet unique mplayer enigma banner,logo and icons are welcome to help make this look better the one i have made has a picture of the guy i am giving it to as the banner ATM i can change this at any point just waiting for some decent gfx to put in there! 🙂

This is a DOL file that i need to merge with a preloader file, requires the preloader file to work….
I have made a wad with WADder and Autoinjectuwad and i cant get it to boot WITHOUT Copying the “isol” folder to the SD card /apps directory this is what I would like to do.

Yet it works in the channel just fine so long as the file structure is present naturally…I guess the question is can i merge a preloader and dol file? to make it a wad only install?


Wii Channel version (as in the video) can be downloaded here:

Source info:
Digg http://digg.com/nintendo/Wii_ISO_Load…
original prankware setup: http://serv.qoid.us/isoloader.zip

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