awesome channel wad updates by djdynamite

Attributes for Images for a .wad

Banner = 590×332
IconImage = 128×96
LogoChan = 112×32
Sound = anything under 20seconds or can also loop the sound.. 002fix!!!
Images : Modified and Redisigned by tha hackerz
Compiled by Tri-Edge
Injected new update by DJDynamite123

This is without doubt the best banner iv’e ever come across for any backup launchers!!!<<<By Wiisel and DJDynamite123 also added my own produced Soundtrack FUCKING AWESOME!
This is a dol forwarder by Spacejump, if you want the normal .dol INJECT YOURSELF!

Linux Kernel Version:
– Elf Forwarder for the Linux Kernel with included wad (loads boot.elf from /apps/linux-kernel):<<<Images by BlueK, Sound and packaged by DJDynamite123, Forwarder by Spacejump!!!
Homebrew Browser, Images by BlueK, Sound & packaged by DJDynamite123

Gamma002fix! Images & Sound by Sorox, Packed by Me djdynamite123

My Tutorial on MPlayerWii
Soundtrack to channel made by DJDynamite123 and The Viper – X-Terminate!
the soundtrack will only play with certain players like SMPlayer etc
This downlaod has the mplayerwii latest build, also a dol forwarder wad aswell, thanx Spacejump…..
Thankyou to Kitt for making hte channel packing it and adding my own produced track…. the sound is very good and kicks in immediately and is 20 seconds long! <<<<GeckoOS packed and Sound new sample made by DJDynamite123 is fucking amazing!!! Images by Vidboy10

Heres my other GX-Geo NeoGeo ready for you all..(also Mestal Slug soundtrack)
Here is another gxgeo channel, it’s a .dol forwarder, THANK SPACEJUMP, it saves space BUT requires the app on SD as well, the other above doesn’t require the app, it’s inside the channel…..
<<by DJ Dynamite123
<<<Made By DJDynamite123 (all images/sound by Wiisel, i packed it together) it’s a (dol forwarder) thanx Spacejump, require the app on SD card, folder gxgeo in apps folder
first one in the red section NEO-GEO Start-up Mp3 (192kb)
<<<Made by DJDynamite123
<<<<<By DJDynamite123 all pack by me, Images by Kitt, also iv’e forgot to remove the sound.bin so it has the VC Sound…… Another GeckoOS made by DJDynamite123

GeeXboX Version:
– GeeXboX channel with injected elf_forwarder for GeeXboX (Banner provided by Sonic DX, sound by djdynamite123,
(You need the .elf inside the SD for this channel to load up the .elf)

Here is my made Starfall banner, don’t laugh I’m not good at snapping up graphics!<<<Made by djdynamite123

My tutorial on MplayerWii
I made a logo based on the egg looking thing, saying MPlayer, has decent music
banner/icon by snikerz, packed by me DJDynamite123, this package also has a dol forwarder, the path is a folder in apps called MPlayerWii in apps folder with the boot.dol in Thanx Spacejump

Also has decent icon/logo and sound!! banner by snikerz, packed by me! DJDynamite123<<<Gamma<<<MPlayerDVDLibEdition, (the Logo is stretched like Icon, i did everything Correct aswell) hmm<<<MPlayerWii by DJDynamite123
<<<<<Images by Vidboy10, sound & packaged by DJDynamite123

If iv’e posted a channel made by me with a (elf/dol forwarder) The inject dol forwarder are from Spacejump,
i requested a few from him to code, and he done them +Respect thankyou

Anyone good at graphics (banners,etc) PM me or post on here, and ill add them for you, or if your a person that only likes a channel for Themselves, then PM Me and ill do it for you…All wads are tested by myself smile.gif

All tested by djdynamite correct?

All channels i edit/make are Tested personally by Me yes,
all other channels that people post on here, I Wont test them, (because i didn’t make them, and it’s not for me to do, it’s you who made/edited it……….so that’s for you to have done,
If any Suspicious people start posting wads, like the (MplayerWii bricks) then i will know and they will be removed & banned..(e.g. New Noobs) etc………


I wont take responsibility for any damage done to your console though installing a improper channel…….
Only download-install wads, THAT ARE KNOWN SAFE e.g. BY ME etc
Also PLEASE make sure you are ALWAYS PREPARED in case of a brick, so please keep the TP hack on your wii at all times etc, unless your on 3.2 with a drivechip, then you don’t require TP……


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