Auto Boot for Wiigators 0.3 beta Backup Launcher – FULLSPEED NO LAG HOW ABOUT THAT!?!

Backup Launcher 0.3 beta
This is the release of a test version of the backup launcher. It runs
stable for most games. I hope someone can make a compatibility matrix
in the wiki. Please provide some good input data. Don’t ask questions
which are already answered. If you didn’t use it before, you should
check the posts for the old version.…3_beta.tgz.html

If you have problems with the archive, you may rename it from .tgz to .tar.gz and extract it twice.

What is included:
– cIOS Installer
– Backup Launcher 0.3 with banner

– Cinematic now working properly
– Wi-Fi Enabled
– Faster Load time
– Drive speed is still 3x. It is so fast that some testers believed it is running at 6x.
– Supports non-patched and patched Wii games (The correct term for “patched” is “decrypted”)
– Not all games will work, but as of now most do.

Some parts are modification of free available source code, and are
unsupported and not condoned by the original authors of it. The backup
loader modification is solely the work of WiiGator.
Thanks to Waninkoko for his support and the first version of the backup loader.

THIS IS SO EASY to do ….way fookin easy NO RISK with this puppy! thanks wiigator! woot!

Step 1: connect your wii to the internet via ethernet or wifi and run CIOS install that comes with the megaupload link  posted….THIS GRABS THE IOS FROM SERVER AND THE FILES NEEDED AND IT INSTALLS THEM AUTOMATIC NO RISK! (nice4 huh?)

Step 2: install the DOL for the homebrew channel or the channel wad i made and enjoy! it REALLY is that simple!
Step 3 (optional)

ORIGINAL POST BY Forsaekn @ GBAtemp!
thanks guys your contribution are making the scene
a  better place all the time!

I decided to modify WiiGator’s Backup Launcher 0.3 source to make an “autoboot” variation, because I want to go through as few menus as possible when booting my backups. I guess you could say I wanted a more streamlined process.

This modified build will now automatically boot directly into the game, unless you are holding ‘B’ down on either the wiimote or a GC controller during launch. This will enter the configuration menu where you can change Language, Force TV Signal type, change Hooktype, enable Ocarina, etc.
Usage: Hold ‘B’ during launch to enter boot configuration menu.


UPDATE: By popular demand I’ve uploaded ForceNTSC and ForceNTSC with vipatch versions.


ForceNTSC with vipatch:…NTSCvipatch.rar

The archives include the dol, modified sourcecode, and a Channel WAD created by me. (Banner image was created by shadowmoses, Icon images and sound by Forsaekn @ GBAtemp!)
NOTE: make sure you still install the CIOS before using the backup launcher, or it will not work regardless of where you run it from.



Reduced: 71% of original size [ 720 x 480 ] – Click to view full image


BTW there is the NEW compat threads




not all patched games work but out of about 40 i only lost 12 disc that wont play proper anymore so dont toss ALL your old patched disc’s untill you test them and remember to try each disc a couple times…I say this because if you set your hook to GC PAD it can often allow a game to run perfect that may not have ran before and 1 game in particular is pokemon battle rev it sometimes has to be booted a couple of times Wink

but talk about nice full speed backup loader! wooot!

EDIT: BTW here is a video of the channel i injected and the dol baboon has posted above in action playing wiimusic NTSC-J and a PAL version of destroy all humans on my NTSC system (all backups naturally)

Before you use the software check if this is the offical version by comparing the hash values.

40169d38e18b19561f331471f9c3a119f7faf30a cIOS_Installer/boot.dol
6693c1c439566bfd4ca62cd60fea709bf3d53583 Backup_Launcher/boot.dol

a3fec9280cde7d955b061ed32c75aec3 cIOS_Installer/boot.dol
925d030f977f22d61012c04b03985874 Backup_Launcher/boot.dol


It is prohibited to use any of the software to illegally copy games, they are intended only to create and play legal backups of games that you own. In some countries or regions it is still illegal to make copies of games that you own, check with your local authorities if you are unsure. I cannot be held responsible for any misuse of these programs. The use of any of the above software is done so at your own risk. If you mess something up or anything undesirable (ie: loss of warranty, brick, lawsuits, jailtime) happens because of any of these programs, it is your own fault. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!


1. Install new cIOS. Make sure its properly installed
2. Load Backup Launcher and play game.


Q. What does it do?
A. Play Wii backups on your non-modded Wii.

Q. Do all games work?
A. This is only a beta version. Not all games will work, but as of now most do.

Q: Where do I get support for it?
A: I do this in my free time. So you need to search in the internet for forums like

Q: Where do I get an update?
A: You will get updates at my blog:…member=WiiGator

Q: When will it support … and when will be released?
A: I do this in my free time, so I don’t know.

A: I heard a rumour that …?
Q: Don’t believe it. Wait until it is approved or declined.

Q. What does patched games means and do I need it?
A. This was used in the first version. The game application was decrypted. It is not needed anymore. 1:1 backups have higher compatibility than patched games.

Q. How do I run it?
A. Seems you don’t know anything about homebrew yet:
– You need to install
– You will need and the game “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” to install the channel.
– Create the directory apps in the root of your SD card.
– Copy Backup_Launcher and cIOS_Installer to the directory apps.
– Put the SD card into the front SD slot of your Wii.
– Then run the homebrew channel.
– First install cIOS and then run Backup Launcher.

Q. I can’t install cIOS, I keep getting an error. How do I fix this?
A. If you have a previous cIOS installed, remove it with Waninkoko’s cIOS Uninstaller or use AnyTitleDeleter. Then
try to install the new cIOS.

Q. Do I need the new cIOS to play games?
A. Yes.

Q. Does Wi-Fi work?
A. Yes, some games have been tested and they work. Though we’re not sure if all of them work.

Q. I have a problem, will you fix it?
A. Post it in the Backup Launcher thread and beta testers or someone can help you.

Q. Can I be a beta tester?
A. You have already something what you can test.

Q. Will this brick my Wii?
A. There is a slim chance that it will. I have installed the cIOS countless times with no problems. But just make sure you follow the onscreen instructions. It is possible that someone puts malicious software on a game disc. I suggest to run only games which are correctly signed by Nintendo! You can check this for example by running extractpartition. Don’t install updates from a burned game disc of a different region, this was already reported to brick your Wii, when using a hardware modchip.

Q. <Insert Game Here> doesn’t work, whats the problem?
A. The loader isn’t perfect. It will probably be fixed in the next update.

Q. Does it load GameCube backups?
A. No.

Q. Does it play old games like Twilight Princess and Red Steel?
A. No, but some are working.

Q. Do I need dvdx?
A. No. Just ignore it and forget that it could be in anyway related to this program.

Q. There is a online or disc update available from Nintendo, should I update it?
A. NEVER MAKE ANY UPDATE FROM NINTENDO!!! This can make the backup launcher unusable. There are better ways to do this.

Q. Where does cIOS install?
A. It installs on the NAND flash of your Wii. It uses IOS249 v6.

Q. Is this easy to uninstall if I decide I dont want it ?
A. Yes – most of the install files can be removed with the WAD manager – the rest just delete off the SD card.

Q. I’m getting an error with : DVD Identify Failed when I try to run a game – why ?
A. This is a burn media issue – dont use DVD REWRITABLES and try a different disc/drive/burn speed. You need to change the book type of DVD+R.

Q. I’m getting an error with : No DVD when I try to run a game – why ?
A. This is a burn media issue – dont use DVD REWRITABLES and try a different disc/drive/burn speed. You need to change the book type of DVD+R.

Q. I don’t have Wi-Fi, how can I install it?
A1. You need to download the following files with your computer:…000024/tmd.1042…0100000024/cetk…000024/00000000…000024/00000001…000024/00000002…000024/00000003…000024/00000004…000024/00000005…000024/00000006…000024/00000007…000024/00000008…000024/00000009…000024/0000000a…000024/0000000b…000024/0000000c…000024/0000000d…000024/0000000e

Create the directory /00000001/00000024/v1042/ in the root of your SD card. Copy all downloaded files to this folder and put the SD card in the front SD slot.

A2. When you have a second Wii with Wi-Fi, you can run the cIOS installer there with a SD card inserted. The software will copy the required files to the SD card while installation.

Q. My game doesn’t start. What should I do?
A. Try to change the hook type to GC in the configuration.



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