Twilight Princess Hack Fix (ie Wii 3.3) Teh HACKERS WIN!

baboon over at has reported some really good news only days after nintendo patched or Zelda Save Exploit bushing has made a Bypass for there patch to ignore unsigned code! 😛 here is more info on that from my main man teh baboon 😉

That didn’t take long! The team behind the Twilight Princess save-game exploit on the Wii – which Nintendo just “fixed” with their recent update to 3.3 – have already found a way to get past the fix. To be honest there’s a ton of technical jibberish behind it that I just do not understand, but the gist seems to be that the update sought out exploited TP save files and nixed them, while these guys have found a way to tell the update to ignore exploited TP saves. That’s progress for ya.

so there you have it folks! bushing to the rescue and our faith in bushing has increased even more! you simply have to love the way hackers come together under a common goal 😛

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