Mii Installer 1.1 AND IT WORKS! LOL

ok some of you may recall that Mii installer 1.0 didnt work and had an error that prompted:

“Error mii database is full (100)”

well no more waninkoko has blessed us with an amazing app and i will be updating this very post in a few hours with a video of the entire porcess 😉

However for now i will provide the important part the download link to a WORKING MII INSTALLER 1.1

Waninkoko has followed up previous release of the Nintendo Wii Mii Extractor and released a Wii Installer. Using these two utilities you can export and import your Mii avatars to and from your Nintendo Wii’s front SD card for editing and safe keeping purposes.


Mii Installer v1.1


This application installs all Miis stored on an SD card into the Wii.

How to Use:

1. Create a directory named “miis” at the root of an SD card.
2. Copy all the Miis you want to install in the directory created in the previous step.
3. Run the application and all Miis is copied from the SD card to your Wii.


Here it is:

MII INSTALLER 1.1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=O4FG3Q3O

Part 1

Part 2

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