(Wii Unbricker) Amoxiflash binary for win32

Amoxiflash binary for win32

May 6th, 2008 by bushing


Just a quick post on my way to bed:

I did some hacking around, and was able to get amoxiflash to build under XP. I’ve posted a binary for Windows here: amoxiflash-win32-02. In order to run it, you will also need to install the libusb-win32 filter from here: libusb-win32 filter driver

Of course, the source is included there (for what I’m calling “Version v0.2″), and you can compile it under Mac OS X and Linux, too! I’ve tested it a bit under Windows, but I make no promises. On my MacBook Pro using VMWare and XP, it seems to run at about half speed under Windows as compared to natively under OS X. Ideas for improving the speed would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the current usage info:

amoxiflash version 0.2, (c) 2008 bushing
Usage: ./amoxiflash command -[tvwdf] [-b blocksize] filename
          -t            test mode — do not erase or write
          -v            verify every byte of written data
          -w            wait for status after programming
          -f            force: ignore safety checks. Dangerous!
          -d            debug (enable debugging output)
          -b blocksize  set blocksize; see docs for more info.  Default: 0×2c0
          -s blockno    start block — skip this number of blocks
                        before proceeding

Valid commands are:
         check        check ECC data in file
         strip        strip ECC data from file
         dump         read from flash chip and dump to file
         program      compare file to flash contents, reprogram flash
                        to match file

It seems to be a bit fragile under Windows — if you see something like this, then unplug the Infectus from your computer, power the Wii off, turn the Wii back on (shorting D0 while doing so), plug the USB cable back in, and try again:
amoxiflash bad

Here’s what you want to see:

amoxiflash good

As always, the source is available in Subversion.

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