Wiiware Cracked Like A “Nut-ty something or other” LOL


SOURCE: http://www.91wii.com/viewthread.php?action=printable&tid=4877

附件: Wiiware.torrent (2008-5-4 15:13, 14.34 KB) / 该附件被下载次数 257
DOWNLOAD LINK —-> http://www.91wii.com/attachment.php?aid=2152

Recent hacking and use of waninkoko’s Wad Installer program has not only resulted in the hacking of our own VC channel but also of japans wiiware titles as well it seems or so the source link above indicated what with the torrent link at the bottom of the japaneese page offering the wad files of some of the most recent jap wiiware titles! this is sure to change in the future but as is the wiishop channel has been hacked 😉 by determined spanish and japaneese pirates….is it right? is it wrong? i dunno im just keepin it real and telling you how it is i havent an oppinion on the matter! 😛 but if you would like to share your oppinions please feel free….

( Learn more about wiiware torrents ( if your country permits DL certain questionable torrents such as this natuarally ) torrent at the bottom of the source page )

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