NewGrounds Media the Best USER content media site online!

another of my favorite sites to hangout on i suggest to anyone to regester and become a member have a look at some of the things newgrounds offers!
all of the below content is thanks to Newgrounds and there awesome scene for providing the world with THE BEST usermade media content on the ENTIRE INTERWEB! thanks for the gr8 media and hours of fun newgrounds!
icon 911 The events of September 11th brought forth a flood of artist responses.
icon All Your Base Learn the history of the AYB phenomenon, then watch the original movie and many spin-offs!
icon Anime We’ve received tons of anime-themed submissions over the years!
icon Animutations Strange music videos, the brainchild of Neil Cicierega.
icon Assassin Killing and humiliating celebrities and pop-culture icons since 1996!
icon Bastards This is a collection of flash that makes fun of the tragedies of others!
icon Clay Take Flash, clay, a webcam… This is what you get!
icon Drugs Potheads seem to love drug humor, so we put this collection together just for them!
icon Emo Games and movies about those loveable emos.
icon Experimental Experimental Flash, often strange or weird or unlike anything you’ve seen.
icon Far East Flash Here’s a collection of Flash submissions by artists in Asia!
icon Flash Tutorials Learn how to animate and program with Flash!
icon Ghetto Also known as “Urban Flash”. Inspired by a site that got popular from showing ghetto movies found on NG.
icon Goth The best Gothic games and cartoons the web has to offer!
icon Harry Potter The infamous Harry Potthead game, as well as some nice face-stabbing!
icon Holidays A collection of chaos for every occasion!
icon Invader Zim A series of tributes to the cult classic cartoon!
icon Lord of the Rings Parodies and tributes of the classic Lord of the Rings trilogy!
icon Mikey Mikey is a poor, lonely boy with a mullet. Will he ever find a girlfriend?
icon Mr. T Mr. T pities the fool that doesn’t check out his movies!
icon Napster This once hot topic on the web triggered a good number of Flash movies.
icon Newgrounds Everything related to NG and the NG community.
icon Ninjas and Samurai Hi-ya! It’s sword fighting time!
icon Numa Numa One reason why people shouldn’t have webcams.
icon Old Folks Games and movies about smelly old people!
icon Opie and Anthony Hilarious Flash based on the antics of the Opie and Anthony radio show!
icon Pokemon Pikachu, I choose you! TO DIE! You “Gotta Kill ‘Em All!” in this collection!
icon Politics Rather than trying to choose sides, we find it is much more fun to bash everything political.
icon Power Puff Girls They are so cute, we just gotta make fun of them!
icon Religion Most of the hatemail we get still comes from Bible-beating religious fanatics.
icon Robots Do you like cartoons about robots? Look no further!
icon Scat The fart joke will never die, and this collection is full of shit!
icon Skating Check out all these extreme skater games and movies!
icon Snakes on a Plane I’m sick and tired of these mutherf’ing snakes on this mutherf’ing site!
icon Soundboards All the tools you need to make hilarious prank phone calls with celebrity voices!
icon South Park Yes, people found a way to even spoof South Park.
icon Star Trek The classic sci-fi series has some great spoofs, as well as Stone Trek – an original series!
icon Star Wars These will have Lucas rolling in his grave. Oh wait, we aren’t that lucky!
icon Stephen Hawking People just love making fun of poor Stephen Hawking!
icon Sticks An amazing archive of hilarious stick figure cartoons!
icon Swearbear This is one teddy bear you don’t want to give to your kids!
icon The Matrix There is no spoon, only spoofs.
icon TMNT Spoofs and tributes of the heroes in a half-shell. Turtle power!
icon Transformers There’s more than meets the eye with these great tributes and spoofs! Roll out!
icon Ultra Violence A fun collection of violent submissions!
icon Vampires Creepy vampire Flash for all you people who like vampires!
icon Video Game Parodies Parodies of all your favorite video games, whether 8-bit, 16-bit or a bazillion bits!
icon Video Game Remakes Flash emulations of classic video games! Lots of fun to play!
icon Wazzup The viral catch-phrase inspired a lot of artists.
icon Windows Check out all these anti-Windows parodies!
icon Writers Guild Strike We support the WGA strike, and here’s the Flash to prove it!
icon Zombies Terrifying zombie-themed games and movies!

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