Rom Hack Reviews

Druggy Final Fight
(“Might Final Fight”
Rom Hack)

Cutman’s Bad Scizzors Day
(“MegaMan II” Rom Hack)

Fucker’s Quest
(“Fester’s Quest” Rom Hack)

Transformers Episode 2: Return Of Unicron
(“Super Mario Bros. 2”
Rom Hack)

Tran Tramps:
The Family Jewels
(“Double Dragon 3”
Rom Hack)

(“Kung-Fu” Rom Hack)

Tom Servo
(“MegaMan 3” Rom Hack)

Super Castlevania 2
(“Castlevania 2” Rom Hack)

The Lone Rapist
(“The Lone Ranger”
Rom Hack)

Little Remo:
The Child Abuser
(“Little Nemo” Rom Hack)

Wilford Island
(“Adventure Island”
Rom Hack)

(“Castlevania” Rom Hack)

A Bloody Hackfest
(Four “Bloody” Rom Hacks)

Evil Dead
(“Zelda 2” Rom Hack)

Super Mario Bros. 2: Christmas Edition
(“Super Mario Bros. 2”
Rom Hack)

Porno Island
(“Adventure Island”
Rom Hack)

Batman Happy
(“Batman” Rom Hack)

Cum Fu
(“Kung Fu” Rom Hack)

Baby Dodge Ball
(“Super Dodge Ball”
Rom Hack)

Pussy City Pimps
(“River City Ransom”
Rom Hack)

Afro Man
(“MegaMan” Rom Hack)

Dick Dug / Babymaker
(“Dig Dug” Rom Hacks)

Disco Mario
(“Super Mario Bros. 2”
Rom Hack)

Mario Dragon
(“Double Dragon”
Rom Hack)

The Matrix
(“Elevator Action”
Rom Hack)

Teenage Mammal Nice Chipmunks II
(“TMNT 2” Rom Hack)

Blackman 2
(“Super Mario Bros. 2”
Rom Hack)

Ass Climber
(“Ice Climber” Rom Hack)

Tokyo City Ninjas
(“River City Ransom”
Rom Hack)

Wilford Kong
(“Donkey Kong” Rom Hack)

Coke Head: Junkie
(“Codename: Viper”
Rom Hack)

(“Galaga” Rom Hack)

Super Bald Bros. 1-3!
(“Super Mario Bros.”
Rom Hacks)

(“MegaMan 6” Rom Hack)

Linkz II:
The Pimpdaddy Link
(“Legend of Zelda 2”
Rom Hack)

Ernie And The Muppets
Take It All Off
(“Sesame Street ABC”
Rom Hack)

(“MegaMan 5” Rom Hack)

Lesbian Tennis
(“Tennis” Rom Hack)

Nude Punch-Out
(“Punch-Out” Rom Hack)

(“Gauntlet” Rom Hack)

Super KKK Bros. 2
(“Super Mario Bros. 2”
Rom Hack)

Super KKK Bros.
(“Super Mario Bros.”
Rom Hack)

Skinhead Fighter
(“Rikikunio” Rom Hack))

Death Dodge Ball
(“Super Dodge Ball”
Rom Hack)

Wilford Brimley Battle
(“River City Ransom”
Rom Hack)

Basterd Master
(“Blaster Master”
Rom Hack)

Pink Floyd: The Wall
(“Donkey Kong” Rom Hack)

Double Dragon: Blood!
(“Double Dragon II”
Rom Hack)

(“Kung-Fu” Rom Hack)

Battle Beasts
(“Donkey Kong 3”
Rom Hack)

Satanic Freak Bros.
(“Super Mario Bros.”
Rom Hack)

Knife Boy!
(“Paperboy” Rom Hack)
I-Mockery's Original Flash Games And Movies

Adventure Quest

Ivan Drago:
Justice Enforcer

Jek Porkins And Ponda Baba In Haunted House Candy Hunt

Angry Smashfest

PickleMan And The Green Thumb Of Triumph

Castlevania 2:
Priest Battle

Squigly Fish Racer

Marshmallow Peeps
In Outer Space

Fraternity Massacre

Kill The Dog From
“Duck Hunt”

Kill The Old Man From “Zelda”

A Warcraft Orc Lost
In Starcraft

“I Will Beat Pacman!”
The Music Video

Ninja Golf:
The Flash Game Remake

Monkey Island 2 Outtakes

A Monkey Island Feast


Monkey Island:
The Director’s Cut

Mario vs. ExciteBike

Painful Extinction
Through Assault (P.E.T.A.)
Other Gaming Stuff

Pixel Pals

Rom Hack Reviews

Classic Game Reviews

Indie Game Features
I-Mockery's Gaming Articles

The 50 Greatest
Arcade Cabinets In
Video Game History!

Sexual Moments In
Video Game History

Nintendo: The Good,
The Bad, And The Ugly

Atari Lynx: The Handheld System That Time Forgot

Ninja Golf

A Nightmare On Elm Street: Freddy’s Forgotten
PC Game

The Deadly Birds
Of The NES

Movies & TV Shows
Make Shitty Games

Kung Fu’s “Fat Black Man” Commits Suicide

I-Mockery Interviews Soda Popinski

The Death Of
Simon Belmont

Cooking With Popinski

Punchout 2:
Doc Strikes Back

I-Mockery Interviews Baron Von Blubba

Warcraft IV:
Anti-Gap Edition source to all this goodness!!!! all credit is i-mockery’s for this page just wanted to share the goodness!

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