Wii Homebrew Loader Now with WIIMOTE SUPPORT!

Friend and Homebrew Developer Hell Hibou dropped a new vs4 of his gr8 WHL a few days ago…

I have been testing it using my friend Nicks awesome theme all seems to be well with the exception that if you remove your SD you will have to restart the app now (this was a temp. sacrifice for the wiimote support to work for the time being but IMO it was a more than even trade πŸ˜› i love not needing a GCpad to play snes,Nes,Gens,GBC because they all have wiimote support now!!! (a few apps remain that still require the old cube paddle but most support classic and wiimote/chuck supprt!)

GET MR.Nick666 Traditional Wii Menu Cloned Theme here: (YOU WILL NEED TO REGESTER) @ my Home Site


Wii Controller Updated Version Download

(I have also posted a few “Elemental” themes on the playground my home site… (if you subscribe to my youtube vids you find all this out early but anyways!)

Here are the release notes regarding….

Wii Homebrew Loader Screenshot...

Friend and Homebrew Developer Hell Hibou has released a new version of Wii Homebrew Launcher, heres the release details

The Wii version 0.4 of Homebrew Launcher is available. This version allows you to use the buttons on the wiimote, however, to avoid having to go to the GC mannette the wiimote (because all the homebrew do not use wiimote) it is still possible to use the lever GC .

Unfortunately, in order to implement the wiimote, it took me delete function to remove the SD card when one is in my homebrew. If you remove the card, you must restart the Homebrew.

Some gr8 stuff from an amazing developer! thanks again Hell_Hibou i have been using this since release one it compliments the no limit homebrew channel rather well πŸ˜›

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