Wii Hacking 101

well hello there first off let me say i do not give a shit about my grammer or punctuation spelling ect this is just a place for me to share info with anyone interested in hacking. I am a psp and wii hacker vettacossx and i thought i would make this as a discreet place for people to contact me about hacking the wii or psp i have been heavly involved in hacking both consoles from day 1 Below i will post a bunch of videos with descriptions and hack tutorials that we have been doing from cracking virtual console games for the wii and injecting n64 roms like smash bros to running emulators with NO modchip or hardware changes just a copy of zelda twilight princess! also if your interested in running real psp games on a custom fw for free 😉 feel free to leave a post and i will do my best to at the very least link to in a good direction to learn more 😉 without further delay let the mind boggling world of the wii hacker vettacossx become part of your own and a part of a even bigger universal SCENE of homebrew users around the enitire planet! double click any vid to visit youtube and read descriptions and details of a specific hack video….

If you want to see all my vids instead of just the few i post here visit


Wii No Limit Homebrew Channel

Wii Homebrew Pack By VettaCossX

Wii VC/EMU with React TILT sense ps2 pad converter

FCE channel W/Banner… Smash bros VC channel region free patched with “freethewads” injected with “Auto Injectawad” into the VC channel Sin and Punishment also injected Aero Gauge 64 with success

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